April Fools Madagascar Hissing Roach Cake

April fools Madagascar Hissing roach cake

My brother-in-law reaches out to me and plans with me to make a cake for my youngest sister whose birthday falls on it April Fools Day. She has always hated roaches. Because when we lived in Puerto Rico when we were younger she got a huge cockroach stuck in her hair. She laughed so hard … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hissing Cockroach Cake

I baked one round and one oval chocolate cake. Then I hollowed out the centre and filled it with homemade Boston cream filling. Next, I covered with a buttercream icing crumb coat placed in fridge for a bit. I made marshmallow fondant and rolled out and covered the cake. I added a few extra strips … Read more

Cool Beetles, Ladybugs and Butterflies Cake

So, in December of 2013, my nephew wanted a Beatles cake.  He had come to love their music and so had the Beatles themed party, cake and all.  His younger sister, who loves him very much, wanted a similar cake.  So since she is a warrior princess, we changed the Beatles to beetles and threw … Read more

A Number 3 Birthday Cake with Creepy Crawlies

A Number 3 Birthday Cake with Creepy Crawlies

I baked 2 round cakes and leveled the tops. Using a round cookie cutter I removed the centers of the cakes, and then cut sections from the ‘ring’ cakes to fit together and form the ‘3’. This cake was for my youngest son’s birthday party. Tiger cake being a favorite cake (stripy chocolate and vanilla  made with olive oil rather … Read more

Coolest Bugs, Spiders and Snake Garden Cake

Homemade Bugs, Spiders and Snake Garden Cake

My son wanted a Snakes & Bugs theme for his 4th birthday party and asked for a “big cake with the snake squeezing the cake”. Starting this Bugs, Spiders and Snake Garden Cake about a week before the party I made the spiders, scorpion & various bugs from white fondant icing which I moulded, left … Read more

Coolest Bugs in Grass Cake

Homemade Bugs in Grass Cake

My 5 year-old daughter made this Bugs in Grass Cake for a cake contest and won 3rd place. The cake was made in a meatloaf pan (the cake recipe called for a bundt pan, but we didn’t want the doughnut shape. Wasn’t sure if making it in a regular pan would taste the same??). The … Read more

Coolest Bugs Cake

Homemade Bugs Cake

I made this Bugs Cake for my youngest son’s 3rd birthday. The cake is a plain white sponge in 2 layers, with strawberry jam and butter icing to sandwhich them. I then covered the whole cake in a layer of butter icing dyed green with food dye. Using royal icing in various colours to make … Read more

Coolest Bug Cake

Homemade Bug Cake

When my son turned 2 he asked for a bug cake. This is what I came up with. The cake was made out of two 9×13 cakes stacked and then carved into a mound. I then frosted it with a chocolate butter cream frosting and covered it with crushed Oreo cookies to make dirt. I … Read more

Coolest Bug Birthday Cake

Homemade Bug Birthday Cake

I made this bug birthday cake from a pan that I found at a yard sale a couple of years ago. My granddaughter loved it. It is made with a box of yellow cake mix and butter cream icing colored yellow and black. I love the gym shoes on it. I used a small tip … Read more

Coolest Birthday Bug & Butterfly Cupcake Cake

Homemade Birthday Bug & Butterfly Cupcake Cake

All of the bugs and butterflies are hand made out of fondant and gum paste. This was my first time working with an air brush, that was a little tricky but lots of fun. Hope you like my Birthday Bug & Butterfly Cupcake Cake.

Coolest Bucket of Bugs & Dirt Cake

My son, who was turning 4 was really into bugs and loves to dig in the dirt! So we decided to have a “Bug” birthday for him. The Cake was SUPER easy! I got alot of ideas from this site and went to work. I mixed up 3 boxed cake mixes to make 18 cupcakes, … Read more