Coolest Homemade Catterpillar Cake Gallery 1

We used 2 boxes of white cake mix for the main cake large Wilton sheet pan. The icing we used was Duncan Hines Whipped icing. For the caterpillar segments we used another box of cake mix in Wilton dome pans. To ice the segments we colored the icing w/ Wilton gel colors and used tip … Read more

Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake 4

When my daughter was about 10 months I began to look for ideas for her first birthday party. I saw a Baby Einstein Caterpillar cake and fell in love with it! After the cakes cooled I put the two halves of each ball together using different fillings such as vanilla and chocolate puddings, strawberries, bananas … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cakes 8

To make my Baby Einstein caterpillar cakes, I used the Wilton Sports Ball pan. I iced each ball separately with butter cream and #16 tip stars. I copied the exact colors and order of color from the Baby Einstein logo. For the face I iced the eyes and pink cheeks smooth (finger dipped in cornstarch … Read more

Cute Homemade Caterpillar Cake for my Daughter’s 1st Birthday

Coolest Caterpillar Cake

I decided to make a caterpiller cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday after seeing one in magazine. I baked a number of muffin and smaller rounded shaped cakes in 2 different pans. I used 4 of the muffin cakes and 4 of the smaller cakes in making my caterpiller. The middle body part of the … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

My mother-in-law made 2 large sheet cakes and iced them together. Then cooked 5 round cakes and placed them in the shape of the caterpillar on top of the sheet cake. We iced them the same colors as the caterpillar and used icing tools for the eyes and mouth. Then she found 2 wood grommets … Read more