Spider Cake Designs for Kids Birthdays 3

I used a 340g cake mix which was divided into 2x 8x25cm tins. It is baked in a moderate oven for about 25 minutes. One cake needs to be cut about 5cm or so from one end and placed at the end of the uncut cake then the cut slice is placed horizontally to that … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spider Cupcakes 1

I just made cakes with normal cupcake recipe 3 eggs, 3oz sugar, 3oz butter and 6oz flour and baked in cases. Once cool, I covered them in glace icing, just icing sugar and water. Then decorated the spiders cupcakes with one chocolate button for body, liquorice strips cut for legs then dropped a small amount … Read more

Coolest Spider Cake

Homemade Spider Cake

My at the time 2 year old daughter was going through a phase where she was mad on spiders. Her favorite video was ‘spider in the bath’ – also one of my favorites when I was a little girl! With her 3rd birthday approaching I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, to which … Read more

Coolest Spider Cake

Spider Cake

I made this spider cake for my son Jake’s 2nd Birthday. I had a whole Spider man theme going on and wanted the cake to be a little bit different than the normal spider man so I came up with this idea of putting the huge spider on the web. I still used the traditional … Read more

Coolest Spider Cake Ideas 0

My son really wanted a tarantula cake for his fifth birthday. The base is a rectangular sheet cake iced white with a black web. The body of the spider cake is a soccer ball cake mold. I trimmed the front part down to make it lower and cut the sides off to make it more … Read more

Coolest Spider Cake

Homemade Scary Spider Cake

I saw this spider cake on your site and thought it was amazing. I used ‘Matchmakers’ stuck together with melted chocolate because my children hate licorice, in the UK these are long thin mint flavoured chocloate sticks. The feet and joints are black royal icing. Butter icing with dark coco and sweeties for eyes. I … Read more

Spooky Homemade Spider Birthday Cake

Homemade Spider Birthday Cake

I made this Spider Birthday Cake for my son Deacon’s 6th birthday party. His birthday is shortly before Halloween so we went all out with the spooky theme! The cake is a simple two tiered round cake that I frosted with chocolate. I used an offset spatula to get the icing as smooth as possible. … Read more

Coolest Spider Cake Ideas 1

My daughter has a Halloween birthday and she asked for a Halloween theme for her 8th party. The goal of this spider cake was to be sufficiently “icky” but also fun. It featured a surprise inside – guts with bugs! The cake was baked in a Wilton dress cake pan (used for doll figures). I … Read more

Coolest Black Widow Birthday Cake

Homemade Black Widow Birthday Cake

I made this Black Widow Birthday Cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. All 3 of my boys at the time were really into learning about black widow spiders, so that’s where the idea came from. I used a ball cake pan for the body of the spider and for the head, a cupcake. I used … Read more

Coolest Spider and Web Cupcakes

Homemade Spider and Web Cupcakes

I did these Spider and Web Cupcakes last minute for a Halloween party we were having. Super easy though a little time consuming. My original idea was to use stencils (I was looking for super quick) but that didn’t work, so this was my back up plan. Made chocolate cupcakes, did a quick icing of … Read more