Easy Birthday Cake Ideas for Dinosaur Cakes 1

I was meaning to use some candies to do the spikes but didnt find what I wanted so I used marshmallows which I dyed in red and cut into shape. The neck was done with a candy sour green band. The tongue was made with a red one. The final decoration is made of smarties.t … Read more

Coolest Volcano Birthday Cake

Homemade Volcano Birthday Cake

My youngest son has a Luau party every year, well he has for the past two. This Volcano Birthday Cake was for the first year and his third birthday. To make this cake I placed and iced three cakes on top of one another. After they froze and were firm together I cut around the … Read more

Coolest Lava Dino Cake

Homemade Lava Dino Cake

This lava Dino cake was a lot of fun to make and was quite simple. We started with a Betty Crocker Vanilla Rainbow sprinkle cake – at my son’s request. The icing used on the cake was the standard butter icing recipe with lemon flavoring since that is my son’s favorite. The icing was then … Read more

Coolest Volcano Birthday Cake

Homemade Volcano Birthday Cake

I made this volcano birthday cake for my son’s third birthday after he requested an “erupting volcano cake”. The cake was actually really easy to make. The “island” was made from cake, and the “volcano” itself was made from rice krispie treats. After molding some rice krispie treats around an empty cup into the shape … Read more

Coolest Homemade Volcano Cakes 3

We made this for a science project where you had to make some sort of volcano. Almost everyone was making theirs out of Styrofoam or lampshades. My friend and I came up with the idea to make it out of cake. We had no idea people have already made it. We decided “Oh well what … Read more

Coolest Volcano Birthday Cake

Homemade Volcano Birthday Cake

2 days before the party I made up 4 oven baking trays about 16” by 12” with Victoria sponge and then a 14” round, 9” round, 8” round, 7” round and a 1.5 pint pudding basin with chocolate sponge cake with chocolate chips. The following day I laid out the Victoria sponge for the land … Read more

Easy Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake

Homemade Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake

My step son had a very large Dinosaur Scene Birthday Cake for his birthday, but his cousins had missed the party, so for a family party I made a mini version. I baked a chocolate 9×13, cut off one corner and stood it up to be a volcano. We dug out the middle a bit … Read more

Tri Tip Dinosaur Cake

Alex with Tri- top

This dinosaur cake was done for my son on his third birthday, I did this completely by hand, I used the fondant, for the the bone structure, painting it with icing food coloring to give it definition. I used regular white icing, store bought, but made it thicker by adding powdered sugar, this was made … Read more

Cool Homemade Dino Cake

Homemade Dino Cake

For this Dino cake I used two 9″ round cakes. I also used a template that can be found at: http://www.bettycrocker.com/NR/rdonlyres/302061DE-E198-46D1-AAAB-CF7D64007848/0/dinosaur_cake_instruction.pdf , if this link doesn’t work go to Betty Crocker.com, type Dinosaur Cake in the search box on the upper right-hand side and it should be the first cake that pops up, you will … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake

I helped my friend make this Dinosaur cake for her son’s fourth birthday. We used three 3″ x 9″ round sponges. To make the body, we cut one sponge in half, stuck it together with butter icing and jam and then stood it on its side. With the second sponge, we made two crescent shapes … Read more

Coolest Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea

My daughter requested a dinosaur-themed birthday party for her third birthday, including a Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea. The catch was that she wanted a pink and purple dinosaur party! I modified the dinosaur head, because I thought the original looked more like an iguana, and it was hard to prop the head so it … Read more

Coolest Dino Dig Site Cake

Homemade Dino Dig Site Cake

I found this Dino Dig site cake idea in the March ’09 Family Fun magazine, and I just HAD to try it! I think it turned out great, and I so hope my son wants a dinosaur birthday party next so I can make it again! I made a chocolate sheet cake and covered it … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dinosaur Cake Photos and How-To Tips 6

My son helped me decorate the dinosaur with various candies like M&Ms, gummy peach rings and candied “fruit” wedges. He also added jimmies and sprinkles because he wanted too. It was a festive dinosaur cake!s, gummy peach rings and candied “fruit” wedges. He also added jimmies and sprinkles because he wanted too. It was a … Read more

Easy Birthday Cake Ideas for Dinosaur Cakes 2

For my daughters third birthday she requested an Orange Triceratops Cake and that’s what she got! It wasn’t an easy birthday cake to make but with a little help this is what I made. For the cake I used two devil food cake mixes, 30oz of canned pumpkin and one cup of water, no eggs … Read more

Coolest Volcano Cake

Homemade Volcano Cake

This centerpiece is dedicated to my grandson Jayce who turned 5. He wanted a monster truck cake, but was having a mad scientist party. To accommodate his wishes I made each piece to reference his party. The erupting volcano cake is made out of two huge batches of homemade rice crisp’s molded to form the … Read more

Coolest Volcano Cake

Homemade Volcano Cake

To make my volcano cake I used red velvet cake mixture, made three cakes different sizes so they would stack like a snowman almost and red and orange frosting. My cake is really cool because it is formed like a volcano made into a cake, its not just any cake with a volcano on it. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Volcano Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

For my sons 4th birthday party we had a dinosaur-themed party. He didn’t, however, want a dinosaur cake; he wanted a volcano cake that erupted. There are a few ideas out there on the “net”. Nothing was exactly like what I wanted so I borrowed some ideas and used some of my own. Volcano cake … Read more

Coolest Jurassic Cake

Homemade Jurassic Cake

I started with boxed cake mixes, store bought whipped fudge icing, and homemade buttercream for the Jurassic Cake. I baked each cake in two 9″ cake pans. I then alternated vanilla and chocolate cake using three cake halves per layer. So, the cake was 3 tiers, and each tier consisted of cake, buttercream, cake, fudge, … Read more

Cute Homemade Dinosaur Scene Cake

Homemade Dinosaur Scene Cake

My son had a dinosaur theme for his birthday and I was very proud of how well the Dinosaur Scene cake came out. I used a Wilton cake pan for the volcano. It was a small size and seemed perfect for what I needed it for. I made a 12×18 sheet cake. I frosted the … Read more