Coolest Breast Cancer Awareness Cake

Homemade Breast Cancer Awareness Cake

I was asked to make a cake for a Breast Cancer Awareness bowling league. I used store-bought icing tinted with Wilton paste coloring for the flesh and homemade buttercream icing for the rest. I thought the buttercream might be too rough looking and might seem less realistic. I outlined the ribbons with a writing tip … Read more

Coolest Breast Cancer Survivor Cake

Homemade Breast Cancer Survivor Cake

We did the ‘Race for the Cure’ in Philadelphia on Mothers Day. I had made the fondant elements ahead of time, due to major time constraints, and made the cake the night before… Well, I dirty iced the cake, and went to lay the fondant on and it ripped!!!! I didn’t have time for a … Read more