Coolest OR Cake

OR Cake

I have been working as a nurse in OR and am now studying medicine. I really loved my work and already made an OR-cake for my team as I left hospital. Now it was a fellow student’s birthday. She loves surgery too and wants to become a surgeon. I thought of copying the design I … Read more

Coolest Colon Cake

Homemade Colon Cake

I am a nurse working in Gastroenterology so I assist with colonoscopies on a daily basis. For ‘Nurses Week’ a couple years ago someone suggested that I make a cake shaped like a colon. She had seen a similar one in EndoNurse magazine. I looked up their website and contacted the editor who contacted the … Read more

Coolest Digestive System Cake

Coolest Digestive System Cake

My son Paul is very interested in the human body. So, when it was time for us to plan his 6th birthday party, he said that he wanted a cake of the digestive system. Once I got over the initial shock of his request, I started looking around for photos of similar cakes on the … Read more