Coolest Homemade Castle Cakes

Coolest Castle Cakes

I browsed the Web for castle cakes and then drew my own. I baked the two bottom layers then used Styrofoam for the rest. The sides are tubes from wrapping paper and the tips are Styrofoam. I iced the whole cake and used icing tips for the sides. The doors came from my daughter’s real … Read more

Breathtaking Homemade Dragon and Castle Cake

Coolest Dragon and Castle Cake

I made this dragon and castle cake for my daughter’s 10th birthday. I had started the tradition of making my kid’s birthday cakes because my Mom used to do the same. My daughter has been into dragons and wanted another dragon cake. However, I like to do different cakes so I recommended a castle cake … Read more

Classy Castle Cake for a Girl

Classy Castle Cake for a Girl

This princess castle cake was my most creative cake ever, as I moved to my home country for holidays. I was sure I didn’t want to give this special cake to anyone to help me do since it was my Baby girl’s first birthday. I told her I will do the cake no matter what. … Read more

Coolest Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Castle Cake

I made this princess castle birthday cake for our 3 year old Allison’s birthday party.  It consists of a 6 inch double layer fudge marble cake filled with chocolate fudge butter cream filling and a 10 inch fudge marble cake filled with chocolate fudge filling and then iced with purple butter cream frosting.  I purchased the … Read more

Cool Cinderella Castle Cake

This cool Cinderella Castle cake was done for my daughter’s theater group to enjoy after there opening night in which they did Cinderella.  It is made with chocolate and cream with fondant for decorations except for the ice cream cones. Cobblestones were fiddly but gave it some character. Flowers were added around various spots for gardens. Lollipops were used at the … Read more

Fabulous, Built-to-Travel, Rainbow Castle Cake

This year we decided to have our daughter’s birthday at a “party place”- a new venture for us- which I agreed to on the condition that I still got to make her cake. So a few months before her birthday I asked her what she wanted. She said “a rainbow castle cake”. OK  I spent a … Read more

My Daughter’s Enchanted 3rd Birthday Castle Cake

Castle Cake

It was my daughter’s 3rd birthday on 1st December so I thought I’d make her a cake. She’s been obsessed with princesses for the past few months so I didn’t really have a choice. I looked at other cakes online for a few days and tried to steal the best ideas for my daughter’s enchanted … Read more

12+ Coolest Castle Cake Ideas – Awesome Homemade Castle Cake Designs!

Coolest Castle Cake Ideas

This great collection of Castle cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Castle cake ever. Good luck! Simple Castle Cake for my Birthday Girl Castle cake submitted by Jody B. First of all, you need to know that I am a beginner when it comes to cake decorating. … Read more

12+ Coolest Disney Princess Cake Ideas – Awesome DIY Cake Decorating!

Disney Princess Cake Ideas

This cool collection of Disney Princess cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Disney Princess cakes ever. Good luck! Disney Princess Cake Pops Disney Princess cake submitted by Stella S. This was my very first attempt at making cake pops, but I was up to the challenge. … Read more

Simple Castle Cake for my Birthday Girl

Castle Cake

First of all, you need to know that I am a beginner when it comes to cake decorating. I’ve just started making birthday cakes since my sweet children came into my life. I really wanted to try a castle cake for my little girl. For me the most daunting part of the whole thing was … Read more

Frozen Themed Castle Cake

Frozen Themed Castle Cake

My daughter recently turned 7 years old. She’s in love with the movie, Frozen, as is the rest of the world. This was the most fun I’ve ever had making a cake. Though it was my very first castle cake, it came out great! Castle Cake Instructions The cake was Funfetti (2 9″x13″ and 2 … Read more

12+ Original Homemade Princess Castle Cake Ideas

Princess Castle Cake Collection

This awesome collection of Princess Castle cake ideas and designs, all made by DIYers is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Princess Castle cakes. Good luck! Grace’s Castle Birthday Cake with Friends Princess Castle cake submitted by Cristina L. This castle birthday cake was from the heart. It’s for a little girl … Read more