Beautiful Last-Minute Princess Birthday Cake

Beautiful Last-Minute Princess Birthday Cake

I did this princess cake very last minute for a friend.  She wanted a princess cake with a tiara.  I made the tiara two days before the party (the day she called me!)  The tiara is gum paste mixed with fondant, and sugar jewels made from isomelt. I used a 10in and 6in pan for … Read more

Coolest Prince and Princess Cake

Fit for a prince and a princess

I made this crown and tiara on a cushion cake for my daughter who turns 10 on April 22nd and for my son who turns 5 on April 23.  So far I have been able to do a combined cake for them for the past 5 years, but I fear that this Prince and Princess … Read more

Coolest Diamond Jubilee Cake

Coolest Diamond Jubilee Cake

I made this cake last year for the Diamond Jubilee and as an assessment piece for the college course that I was attending.  The crown was made from sugar paste on a small round plaque as I wanted to put jewels on it and anything that is not edible should be made to be easily removable from … Read more

Coolest Crown Cake

Homemade Crown Cake

I made this crown cake for my husband’s birthday. My husband prides in calling himself a King. Red and Black is his favorite color, so that’s how I came up with the colors to use. I wanted to make this a project that my two children could also be a part of. First thing I … Read more

Cool Homemade Crown on a Pillow Cake

Princess Tiara Crown Cake On A Pillow

I used these directions as a starting point for this crown cake… However, I did not use royal icing for my crown, I used white candy melts. (The design of the crown needs to be simpler, because you cannot get as fine a line with the candy melts.) And I added small jelly beans (jelly … Read more

Cool Homemade Pink Crown Cake

Homemade Crown Cake

This crown cake was a cake made for one of my friend’s little girls. Her name is Laila and she was turning 3 year old. Mom wanted a princes party with dress ups and tiaras etc. She sent me some pictures of some cakes and only wanted a little small cake but I have so … Read more

Coolest Princess Crown Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Crown Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a princess cake for her 5th birthday party so I started gathering ideas for what to put together. I got the idea for the tiara on top of the cake from a book called Confetti Cakes for Kids by Elisa Strauss. In the book, there is a template that I photocopied and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Crown Cake Ideas 1

I used two Betty Crocker cake mixes. I used the supplied icing. I made chocolate shards from Cadburys cooking chocolate melted and spread evenly on baking paper on an even cold surface. As chocolate begins to harden gently cut the shape you would like with sharp knife. Wait until completely hard and break gently. Ribbon … Read more

Coolest Princess Tiara Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Tiara Birthday Cake

I made this Princess Tiara Birthday Cake for my first client. Her daughter was turning 5 and she wanted a girly girl cake. I decided to try and make a tiara out of fondant. I had seen it done on Youtube by lauriepoopie. I had also looked up several others by searching tiara on my … Read more

Coolest Princess Pillow Cake

Homemade Princess Pillow Cake

I started off this Princess Pillow Cake by making 2-11×15 sheet cakes. I then carved off cake to make them into a square shape. I stacked and iced the square cake. I then colored some fondant blue and covered the cake with it. I took the dull end of a butterknife and made the quilted … Read more

Easy Homemade Princess Crown Cake

Homemade Princess Crown Cake

I made this princess crown cake for my niece’s first birthday. It was a last minute thing, but since I do all my cakes the night before, it was no big deal. I started with a picture of a crown decoration and drew it onto card stock for a template. Then I froze the cake … Read more

Coolest Princess Cake Design

Homemade Princess Cake Design

I made this Princess Cake Design for a friend’s daughter who was having a princess birthday party. It’s a 3-tier cake, each cake is 4 layers high, pan size 10in, 8in, 6in. Inside it’s just your basic chocolate and vanilla cake with buttercream icing. To cover the cake and for the decorations I used homemade … Read more

Coolest Princess Crown Tiered Cake

Homemade Princess Crown Tiered Cake

I made the Princess Crown Tiered Cake for a little girl’s 4 birthday. I used french vanilla butter cream to frost the cake. I made the crown out of mmf/gumpaste a couple of days before I started the cake so it would have time to dry. I wrapped it around a baby powered milk can … Read more

Coolest Crown Cake Idea

Homemade Crown Cake Idea

I have just recently gotten into making cakes (since the beginning of August, to be exact). This Crown Cake Idea came to life when a friend of mine asked me if I’d make a birthday cake for his daughter’s 10th birthday, something princess-like. It just so happened that I had been wanting to try making … Read more

Pretty Homemade Princess Crown Cake

Homemade Princess Crown Cake

This Princess Crown Cake was the first cake I ever made, 2 years ago, and since then I have made many more! I used one cake mix to bake 2 small round cakes, 1 pan slightly larger than the other. Then I stacked and iced them in pink buttercream icing. I tinted the icing to … Read more

Coolest Princess Crown Birthday Cake 14

Homemade Princess Crown Birthday Cake

This Princess Crown Birthday Cake was my second fondant cake ever! And my first two-layer cake! I was determined to make my daughter’s 3rd birthday cake. I spent hours online researching how to make my own fondant and for easy designs. I found a design similar to this but they iced the triangles on with … Read more

Cute Homemade Princess Crown Cake

Homemade Princess Crown Cake

My daughter had a princess theme for her 2nd birthday. So I decided to go with a Princess Crown Cake. I baked a 9” x 13” cake using a strawberry cake mix and then carefully cut out triangle sections to make the three points of the crown. I also baked some strawberry cupcakes and used … Read more

Cool Homemade Princess Crown Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Crown Birthday Cake

For this Homemade Princess Crown Birthday Cake I used 2 layer 6 inch cake pans for the top and 10 inch for the bottom. I covered them in Wilton white fondant. I used wooden dowels in the bottom layer to support the top layer, then 1 large dowel through the center of both to keep … Read more

Coolest Fit for a King Crown Cake

Homemade Fit for a King Crown Cake

Our church was having a fundraiser with a competition for table decorating including food. I was approached by a group of men to help them with a cake. They needed indigo and ivory colors. Getting the indigo was the hardest part. The men wanted to be Kings, nothing girly. I used a box cake mix, … Read more

Coolest Crown Birthday Cake

Homemade Crown Birthday Cake

I am new to making homemade cakes. It used to be that I could barely make a 2 layer cake without messing it up. But I have 2 kids that all I have done is buy sheet cakes for their birthdays for years and I just recently decided, why can’t I do this? This crown … Read more

Crown Cake

Crown Cake

This crown cake was made using 22 cupcakes put together to look like a princess crown. I put icing on the bottom of each individual cupcake to hold them in place. I then iced the main part of the cake as one, but the top cupcakes I swirl iced with tip 32 to look like … Read more