Cool Drum Kit Cake for a Drum Fanatic

Cool Drum Kit Cake for a Drum Fanatic

We had a request to make a drum kit cake for a 30th birthday. We were nervous and excited at the same time. My husband made the cake board but both of us were concerned about what would happen when we turned the cake vertically. We thought about skewers to support it but ended up with … Read more

Coolest Pipe Band Drum Cake

Coolest Pipe Band Drum Cake

My Dad is a drummer in a pipe band so I thought I’d make him a Drum cake for his 60th birthday. I made 3 cakes (10″ I think) and layered them, putting jam between each one then covering the whole cake in butter cream icing. I then covered it in black fondant and used … Read more

Carol’s Tambourine Birthday Cake

Carol's Tambourine Birthday Cake

My friend, Carol, is the founder and director of a Praise and Worship Dance Team called “Expressions of Miriam” (in the Bible, Miriam, the sister of Moses, at 80 years old led the women in dance and praise with tambourines after the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. Carol had a significant birthday coming up on April … Read more

Cool Drum Cake for a Groom

Cool Drum Cake for a Groom

I made this cake for the Groom’s cake at a wedding, following instructions from Coolest Drum Cake 7. Thank you for the great step by step guide. It gave me the confidence to make this cake. The cake used 3 chocolate box mixes in 2 12″ pans. I used buttercream frosting except for the drum … Read more

Awesome Homemade 2-Tier Drum Cake

Drum Cake

My son, Sam, loves music and wanted a drum cake for his 4th birthday. He also wanted an orchestra on top! Since it was his 4th birthday, I told him I’d make an instrument for each year of his life. The cakes are homemade butter layer cakes covered in buttercream and then in rolled fondant. … Read more

Coolest Drum Birthday Cake

Beatles Drumset Birthday Cake

I made this Drum Birthday Cake for my son’s 20th birthday. The snare drums are just round cakes cut into smaller circles (I didn’t have a small cake pan), the larger is an 8″ double layer turned on its side. I used black buttercream frosting for the sides and regular white buttercream for the center. … Read more

Coolest Drummer Cake

Homemade Drummer Cake

I made this drummer cake for a family member who plays the drums. I got this picture from Clipart. It was actually a girl with orange hair and pig tails that stuck straightup. I took off the pig tails and then it kind of looked like a boy wearing a hat so I moved a … Read more

Coolest 30th Drum Cake

Homemade 30th Drum Cake

This 30th Drum Cake was my first attempt of making a fancyish cake and the most important thing for me was that absolutely everything apart from the candles was edible. Although it didn’t all go completely to plan the cake survived transit from kitchen to pub and it tasted good which was good enough for … Read more

Cool Homemade Drum Cake

Homemade  Drum Cake

For my husband returning from being on tour drumming for 7 months I really wanted to this Drum Cake. I followed the drum cake recipe from another submission on this site and used 4 chocolate fudge box recipes, frosted it with chocolate frosting overnight and used marshmallow fondant. It’s cheap and tastes great. I used … Read more

Cool Homemade Drum Set and Drummer Cake

Homemade  Drum Cake

This Drum Cake is 2 10` round chocolate cakes filled with vanilla icing and then covered in ganache. Then I covered it with a layer of white fondant then black fondant around the sides then put a layer of white fondant around the top and bottom and strips all around the black fondant.I painted those … Read more

Coolest Drum Cake

Homemade Drum Cake

This drum cake was my first attempt at covering a cake with Fondant. It wasn’t perfect, but it turned out better than I expected. The cake itself was 2 boxes of German chocolate cake mixes, baked in 4 8″ round pans, then stacked up, with frosting in between. Then I frosted the outside of the … Read more

Coolest Drum-Shaped Childrens Birthday Cake Photos 2

The childrens birthday cake was a lemon flavoured Genoese sponge and I used three different sized tins. Seeing as I didnt have the correct sized cake tins I used a biscuit tin, a tuna tin and a salmon tin. Which I carefully lined with greased baking paper to ensure they didn’t stick. I covered the … Read more