Cool Homemade Guitar Hero Anniversary Cake

Homemade Guitar Hero Cake

I have been decorating cakes for more than 2 years, so, I love cakes! I also made my anniversary cake and all kinds of cakes for friends and family. I like to share my latest guitar hero cake creation that I did for one of my son’s friend. You really need to try to do … Read more

Coolest Guitar Birthday Cake

Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake

I used a picture to design this Guitar Birthday Cake. It was the first cake I have ever tried to make that wasn’t a regular sheet cake. I made it for my friend, Abraham’s 25th Birthday. He LOVED it! I used 2 13×9 cakes. I free handed the outline with a small paring knife, dipped … Read more

Coolest Guitar Cake

Homemade Guitar Cake

This guitar cake took a good few days to construct. The strings I would love to say were edible but they aren’t, they are made of wood painted silver. To get the shape I drew it on a piece of paper and cut around it on the cake. I covered the board in wallpaper. Also … Read more

Cool Homemade Red Electric Guitar Birthday Cake

Homemade Electric Guitar Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Electric Guitar Birthday Cake for his 10th birthday this year so I set out to accomplish the task. The body of the guitar is all cake while the neck is fondant covered wood for more realism. In making the brown fondant for the neck I mixed a little brown icing gel … Read more

Coolest Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

Homemade Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

Wow, this Guitar Hero Birthday Cake was such FUN to make. My creative juices flowed. I started with two large sheets of cake. I butted them up next to each other. I then took a real guitar hero guitar and traced it with a knife onto the cake and carved it out. I then covered … Read more

Cool Homemade Blue Ibanez Talman Guitar Cake

Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake Design

This is the Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake Design I made for my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday. He plays a blue Ibanez Talman guitar, so I got a picture of one and blew it up to about 1/2 the size of the actual guitar so I could get the shape right. I made it in two parts … Read more

Cool Homemade Purple Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

Homemade Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

I made this Hannah Montana Guitar Cake for a little girl’s birthday. It took 4 9×13 cakes. I traced my husband’s guitar onto waxed paper, placed 3 cakes long ways, 1 in front of the other. I cut the 4th cake in half & placed it end to end to make the length of the … Read more

Coolest Guitar Cake

Homemade Guitar Cake

This was my first time using fondant,I don’t think it turned out too bad! I made this guitar cake for my nephew’s birthday. He wanted a real guitar but got a cake instead. I researched the guitar online to get an idea of what it looked like. I made a stencil out of a sheet … Read more

Coolest Guitar Cake

Homemade Guitar Cake

I’m 17 and I made this guitar cake for my best friend Max. He loves to play guitar and so I decided to make him a guitar cake. I’m sorry for my English, but I don’t know some special words but I will give my best to describe it. I think it looks great and … Read more

Cool Homemade Hannah Montana Guitar Shaped Birthday Cake

Homemade Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

I had nightmares about doing this Hannah Montana Birthday Cake but it turned out to be really easy and nice. Really enjoyed it! It was hard work, especially because it was my first birthday cake that I have ever made but it was totally worth it! Will definitely be giving it another go soon!

Coolest Guitar Cakes 7

I made this cake for my friend that absolutely loves Elvis. I got the guitar cake idea from this website for other guitar cakes and this is the second guitar cake I have made. This is the best website for neat cake ideas! I covered the body and head of the guitar with blue, yellow … Read more