Cool Cassette Tape Cake

Cool Cassette Tape Cake

This cake was made using a 1/2 sheet  cake. I iced the cake and carved the edges in a “C”/half moon shape. I covered the size of the cake with black fondant and then laid a sheet of black fondant on the top of the cake. The tape “label” and inside of the cassette is … Read more

Coolest Boombox Cake

Homemade Boombox Cake

The birthday girl requested a boombox cake ,so I made one out of yellow cake and covered it on fondant. I made the knobs, buttons, and speaker covers out of fondant also. The sheet was chocolate with whipped frosting.

Coolest Boom Box Cake

Homemade Boom Box Cake

This is an old School Boom Box cake that I made for a friend. He was having an 80’s theme party. It is a 1/2 sheet white cake with Strawberry and whipped cream filling. I covered the cake with gray fondant then used black fondant cut outs of various sizes to make the dials and … Read more

Coolest Boom Box

Boom Box Cake

A last minute call, my friend wanted me to make a cake for her friend. Her friend loves my cakes and needed a Boom Box cake for her little girl’s Birthday. Every time some one wants me to make them a cake I get on this website and look for ideas and help. I love … Read more

Cool Tapedeck Cake

Coolest Birthday Cake Decorating Idea and Photos

A friend wanted to have her daughter a pool party. She asked me to come up with a cool cake decorating idea that would be appropriate to go along with a group of pre-teens at a pool party. We decided on the tapedeck radio idea so then I had to decide how to make it. … Read more