Coolest Turntable Cake

This turntable cake took about 6 hours to make.  The hardest part was finding something that I could use to make the grooves on the record/album stand out.  I finally thought of using the bottom of a frying pan from T-Fal.  It has the exact setting needed to create this look. The 9 year old … Read more

Cool Record Player Birthday Cake

Record player birthday cake

I made this record player birthday cake with chocolate mud cake and chocolate butter cream covered in fondant. The colors and shading done with tea all pieces of the player and record is eatable. This birthday cake was still my favourite mud cake that I made. I used a large square tin to make the cake … Read more

Coolest DJ Cake Ever

Coolest DJ Cake Ever

I started out by baking 2 half sheet cakes. Once they were cooled I leveled them off and iced them in buttercream icing. I airbrushed it all black and did a lime green shell border around the bottom. I colored some icing grey and drew 3 squares and then smoothed it out. I then added … Read more

Coolest Turntable Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Turntable Birthday Cake Design

My oldest son had a DJ party 2 weeks ago and wanted a Turntable Birthday Cake Design. I used 3 boxes of marble cake in two 9×13 inch pans(1 1/2 in each). I frosted the top of them with whipped vanilla icing that I tinted a silvery grey color with black icing. I frosted the … Read more

Cool Homemade Record Birthday Cake

Homemade Record Birthday Cake

I just turned 45 on July 23rd so I decided to make myself a cake shaped like a 45! I found the yellow spindle at a vintage record shop for 10 cents and printed a record label off the computer. I’m still practicing with fondant but I used black vanilla flavored Satin Ice for the … Read more

Coolest Record Birthday Cake

Homemade Record Birthday Cake

I’ve started making different cakes for friends and family of their favorite things. My father in law is a big fan of the Beatles so as surprise for his birthday I made this Beatles Record Birthday Cake complete with player. It was a big hit! Everybody devoured it. I put chocolate icing on a chocolate … Read more

Cool Homemade Turntable Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Turntable Birthday Cake Design

This Turntable Birthday Cake Design was made for a friend’s birthday who is also a DJ. It is a yellow cake with a 21×10 size bottom and a smaller circular portion on top. The cake is covered in white chocolate fondant which was dyed and then painted silver. The cake also has many different candies/cookies … Read more

Coolest Record Player Cake

Homemade Record Player Cake

This record player cake was made for my son’s 21st birthday. I used an 8in square tin. I cut 1/2in off one side and placed this on top to one side of cake covered cake with butter icing, cut out a round shape of icing to place on top for the turn table. Then covered … Read more

Coolest Turntable and Music Birthday Party Cakes

Coolest Birthday Party Cakes and Photos

My mom, sister and I always make party cakes together. We used two quarter sheet cakes and used marshmallow fondant to cover them. Then we painted them silver. We used licorice laces to make the cords. The actual record is a piece of cardboard spray painted black and it does actually spin! More Turntable Birthday … Read more

Coolest Turntable-Shaped Birthday Party Cakes 1

Well, heres my attempt (not bad for a first try). When I made this cake, I used a basic chocolate recipe I found on the internet and baked it in a square pan just like the base of a turntable. I used chocolate buttercream icing to cover the main base (it’s supposed to be black … Read more