Coolest Penguin Birthday Cake

Coolest Penguin Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a number 10 shaped cake for her birthday. Easy enough I thought but I wanted to make it special so I added her favorite animal, a penguin . I had great fun in making lots of little fondant penguins, some with party hats and some with balloons, and two were holding a … Read more

Coolest Number One 1st Birthday Cake

Coolest Number One 1st Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s 1st birthday, I decided to make a cake in the shape of “1” and added block letters on the top of the cake that spelled her name “Ruth.” To do this, I baked 2 9×13 cakes, let them cool, froze them. After I took out the cakes from the freezer, I cut … Read more

Coolest Number 8 Birthday Cake

I was asked by my niece to make this number 8 birthday cake for her daughter. She was going to have a party at the bear factory where her friends could make their own bear, so she wanted something to incorporate a bear. We decided on a number 8 with a bear and flowers on … Read more

Bryce’s Cake with a Road

Bryce's Cake with a Road

When I asked Bryce what kind of cake he wanted me to make for his 3rd birthday he said he wanted one with a road on it.  As I browsed through pictures on the internet, he watched over my shoulder, indignant if I stopped on one that did not have a road.  “I need a … Read more

A Number 3 Birthday Cake with Creepy Crawlies

A Number 3 Birthday Cake with Creepy Crawlies

I baked 2 round cakes and leveled the tops. Using a round cookie cutter I removed the centers of the cakes, and then cut sections from the ‘ring’ cakes to fit together and form the ‘3’. This cake was for my youngest son’s birthday party. Tiger cake being a favorite cake (stripy chocolate and vanilla  made with olive oil rather … Read more

Coolest Number 1 with Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

Coolest Number 1 with Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

I love decorating cakes as a hobby. I was asked by a close friend to make a number one cake for her friend’s baby. This is how I made it: I started by making a grey bear out of half flower paste and half roll out icing. This hardens better and is easier to model … Read more

Coolest 85th Birthday

Homemade 85th Birthday

My sister-in-law asked me to make an “85” cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday. This is what I came up with. I used an 11×15 sheet cake pan that had 1 white cake mix and 1 chocolate cake mix swirled together to make a marble cake. I found number templates online that I printed and cut … Read more

Coolest 70th Birthday Cake 14

Homemade 70th Birthday Cake

A close friend called me and requested for a cake for her Dad’s 70th with a sailor theme. She also wanted the number 70. The pictures I saw on the internet didn’t seem to inspire me much when suddenly I thought of how much she and the whole family adored her Dad, and only one … Read more

Coolest ‘Adam is 2’ Birthday Cake

'Adam is 2' Birthday Cake

This ‘Adam is 2’ Birthday Cake is one chocolate cake, on top of a vanilla cake,(strawberry jam and fresh double cream in the middle) and another chocolate cake on top (the 2) fresh double cream in between. Then covered in fondant (sugar paste) that I colored myself at home, then decorated with cream and 100’s … Read more

Coolest Turning 40 Birthday Cake

Homemade Turning 40 Birthday Cake

My husband turned 40 recently and I wanted to surprise him with a big cake for his surprise party. I ordered two cake pans from The Lakeside Collection that allows you to make any number or letter, by rearranging the separator blocks. I used these pans to bake two number 4’s and two number 0’s. … Read more

Coolest M&M Second Birthday Cake

Homemade M&M Second Birthday Cake

I made this M&M Second Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 2nd Birthday. I made two 9×13 cakes, one for the base and the other to carve the number two out of. I also used food coloring to make the blue frosting and decorated with M&M’s. To make the two I just drew one on some … Read more

Coolest 10th Birthday Cake

Homemade 10th Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a number 10 cake for her birthday this year, so I tried to come up with something a little bit more imaginative than just the number sitting on a board – and she loved this 10th Birthday Cake. I made three cakes for this. One normal slab cake for the bottom and … Read more