Coolest Homemade Make-Up Themed Cake


I just made this cake for my Youngest Daughter Allyana during her 17th Birthday, she’s really dreaming of having a cake like this kind because she really loves make – up. During her free time, she always does her make-up. Practicing different looks. I’m very happy seeing her smile and how happy she was upon … Read more

Springy Hydrangea Cupcake Bouquet

Springy Hydrangea Cupcake Bouquet

I love when I have an excuse to make a hydrangea cupcake bouquet! The reaction people have when handed a basket of sugary smelling flowers, is always an awesome one. Making the Hydrangea Cupcake Bouquet To start with, I was given the box to use by my customer. I actually prefer rounded shapes, but I … Read more

Coolest Western Themed Birthday Cakes


My sons opted to have a joint birthday celebration with a Western Bull Riding theme. They even had mechanical bulls to ride at the party. I created this cake after searching the internet for inspiration.  They each had their own individual round cake, topped with fondant accessories. Jake had a cowboy hat, and Josh a … Read more

Charming Buttercream Teapot Cake for a Tea Party


This cake turned out much simpler than I thought it would be. I used two bundt pans stacked together with the bottom one inverted to create a ball like shape. I used a tiny cake pan for the top of the teapot. I frosted the top and the ball in buttercream frosting. I printed a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sneaker Cake


It was my friend’s birthday and I decided I would like to make her a cake. She has lots of interests but the thing she is absolutely mad about is running, so what better than to make her a cake of her running shoe. Unfortunately for me she must have the most complicated shoes ever! … Read more

Adorable Pink Unicorn Sprinkle Cake

Adorable Pink Unicorn Sprinkle Cake

I came across your site while researching ideas, and wanted to send one of my creations! My daughter requested a rainbow unicorn sprinkle cake for her 4th birthday party. Ask and you shall receive on your special day! I made the unicorn out of fondant, and rolled the cake in rainbow sprinkles. The unicorn was … Read more

Cool Retro Pink Cadillac Cake

pink Cadillac cake

I was asked to make a 59 pink Cadillac cake for my cousin’s 13th birthday. I was excited about the idea, but hesitant about how I would pull it off, having never made any car cakes before. Making the Pink Cadillac Cake I baked enough cake for 30 people in a half sheet pan. I … Read more

Five Rocks of Life Cake


People say that in life you can only have five rocks, where rocks represent large projects you are working on. For example, you can work on getting a successful career, being a great mom, starting a cake business, making sure you are a great partner, and working out. If you work on these 5 projects, … Read more

Coolest Camping Cake


I made this camping cake for my 40 year old niece. For the toppers: I shaped the caravan out of white modeling paste, then added the windows and the door from gray fondant. Using black modeling paste, I made two tires, attached them to the caravan and then set it aside to dry. Next I … Read more

Fun Neon Trolls Birthday Cake


I love making cakes as a hobby for family & friends. I usually make a few cakes per year for their birthdays. My 4 year old niece originally asked for a Barbie style cake, which sounded like a nice, girly fun thing to do. Then, she changed her mind…. and wanted TROLLS. I knew nothing about … Read more

Cute, Pink Car Cake for a 2 Year Old Girl

Cute, Pink Car Cake for a 2 Year Old Girl

My two year old girl loves cars! She makes crazy faces as she drives her toy cars all over the house. I knew I wanted to make her a car cake for her birthday party, but I also wanted it to be pink. I used the Wilton Cruiser mold to bake my cake and let … Read more

22 Fire Engine Birthday Cake Designs


If you are looking to make a perfect cake to surprise a hero firefighter, or your son who dreams to become one, take a look at these cool Fire Engine Birthday Cakes. Let everyone have a slice of your beautiful heroic cake! 1. Coolest Firetruck Retirement Cake This Firetruck Retirement Cake was actually made by … Read more

12 Cool Beach Birthday Cake Ideas

Sand, sun, surf – summer! There is no better way to spend the summer than by the sea! And to make it even more special, why not create a Beach Birthday Cake for your beach celebrations? 1. Chillin’ At The Beach Birthday Cake I made this Beach Birthday Cake for my cousin. Her 50th birthday … Read more

Amazing Homemade Jungle Cake with a Waterfall

Final view of the cake at the venue!

I made this Jungle cake for a 1-year-old birthday boy.  His parents wanted a jungle themed cake and left the ideas and designs up to me.  I came up with the idea of making a waterfall in the center of the jungle cake.  I never had any formal training in cake decorating. I learned through … Read more

Amazing ‘It’s A Small World’ Themed Cake

Amazing 'It's A Small World' Themed Cake

I was asked to bake and design a birthday cake which was big enough to feed 150 people AND themed ‘It’s A Small World’. It was for my great niece’s 1st birthday party on Sunday afternoon in San Francisco. I started with the fondant decor that was going to cover the cake. A week before … Read more

Coolest Ever Train Cake – So At-TRACK-tive!

Coolest Ever Train Cake - So At-TRACK-tive!

I was commissioned to make a cake for a 6 year old boy who loves train tracks and real trains. His mother sent me some of the childs traffic lights drawings as an idea. I did my research, brainstormed on the design. Every night I worked on making the toppers. Since the party was on … Read more

Awesome Gibson Electric Guitar Cake

Awesome Gibson Electric Guitar Cake

Thanks to I looked at many previous guitar cake submissions and came up with a PLAN. Here is what I did: Two days ahead of the party, I made a template by tracing around a Gibson Guitar Hero guitar that we have at home.  I needed to reduce the size just slightly so that the … Read more

Monster Truck Cake

Monster Truck Cake

This was a super easy cake to make for my son’s 5th birthday. I used a chocolate sheet cake-2 layers.  I also made a cake in a loaf pan to make the ramps.  I did the sides in a black/white checkerboard.  The top was chocolate frosting with ground chocolate to make “dirt”.  I also make … Read more

Aviation Alphabet Runway Clearance Airplane Cake

Aviation Alphabet Runway Clearance Airplane Cake

This airplane cake is extremely simple since it does not mess with creating an elaborate plane shaped cake. And there is the added bonus of a top plane on top! Supplies used: 2 boxes regular chocolate cake mix 2 pounds white icing from the supermarket bakery 4 pounds chocolate icing from the supermarket bakery Wilton’s fondant, … Read more

Awesome Farm Animal Cake

Barnyard Cake

This farm animal cake was made for my son’s birthday July 2, 2015. The animals I made (cow, chicks/chicken, and pigs) took the longest to make. The pig pen is an idea a relative sent me. That and the actual cake were very simple to make. The bottom layer is 9 in cake. The top … Read more

Sweet Hot Air Balloon Cake for Baby’s 1st Birthday

Sweet Hot Air Balloon Cake for Baby's 1st Birthday

Let me start off by confessing that I am fascinated by hot air balloons, although I’ve never even seen a real one! You see, I come from Malta, a very small and densely populated island, measuring around 27 km/ 16.8miles by 14.5 km/ 9miles, so I guess flying in hot air balloons over here is … Read more

Awesome Tiered Hollywood Theme Cake

Awesome Tiered Hollywood Theme Cake

This year my daughter decided on a Hollywood Theme.  I decided it had to have Oscars, Lights, Film, all of it!  (And I would say I succeeded).  For this cake, I used an 18″x32″ board because let me tell you, this cake weighs a TON and I needed the stability!  The bottom two tiers are styrofoam cake … Read more

Jewellery Cake

Jewellery Cake

I made this for a 70 years old woman. She is well refined and loves her jewelry and flowers. I use two 10 inch round cake pans. The cake is white with a rasberry filling. It is covered with a pudding frosting. that can be used for diabetics. Jewelry is made with gum paste and mixed … Read more

Cool Tin of Wine Gums Cake

Cool Tin of Wine Gums Cake

This is a tin of wine gums I made for a teenage so simple to do but it had the wow factor. I made 8in mud cake hollowed it out slightly covered in red fondant filled with wine gumsi used 3 small dowels to support the lid. Everyone loved it and was talking about it … Read more