Coolest Train Birthday Cake Ideas and How-To Tips

Coolest Train Birthday Cake Photos and Tips

I made this train birthday cake for my nephew’s 5th birthday. I baked my cakes in loaf pans and cut off one of the cakes, placed it on top of the other to make a locomotive. I decorated my cake with fresh whipped cream and used fruits on the wagon trains. It was a hit … Read more

Cool Train Birthday Cakes and Decorating Ideas

Coolest Train Birthday Cakes and Photos

I first want to thank you for having such a helpful website. I used this site and several of the recipes for ideas for train birthday cakes. I made this for my son’s 2nd birthday party. I would definitely recommend using the frozen pound cakes for the engine and cars. I used a total of … Read more

Coolest Train Shape Cake Ideas and Decorating Tips

Coolest Train Shape Cake Photos

For my son’s first birthday we made a train shape cake. We actually used the large roasting dish as we didn’t have a big cake tin. After the cake was cooked and cooled we cut it into the four squares for the trailers. For the engine we actually cut another square for the base then … Read more

Coolest Semi Trailer Kids Cake Ideas

Coolest Semi Trailer Kids Cake Ideas

Even though this is a kids cake, I made it for my dads 60th, a copy of his truck. I made two loaf pans of vanilla cake for the truck and a baked a round cylinder cake for the trailer/tanker (I think it was nut loaf tin and baked standing up). I then cut the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Race Car Picture Cakes

Coolest Race Car Picture Cakes

My husband is a big Dale Earnhardt fan so I decided to give him a #3 birthday party. This cake is made from a race car cake pan and I ordered the edible decals on line. It makes it easier to look at a race car picture while creating the cake. This was a great … Read more

Coolest Car Cake Decoration Ideas and How-To Techniques

Coolest Car Cake Decoration Ideas and Decorating Techniques

This cake decoration was made for my niece for her sweet 16. She asked for a car for her birthday; well she got what she asked for in pink. I used the 3D car pan from Wilton, buttercream frosting and just followed the picture for what it should look like. Every thing is made out … Read more

Coolest Boat and Submarine Cake Photo Ideas

Coolest Cake Photo - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

I hope you enjoy this cake photo of our boat cake. We did Ronan’s birth announcements with a sailboat on the cover so I thought a sailboat cake for his first birthday would be fun. I couldn’t find what I had in mind so I took my rectangular cake pan and made a template out … Read more

Awesome DIY Airplane Cake Ideas

Airplane birthday cake idea

I had this idea using a standard 9×12 pan and then cutting it into two pieces – a 5×12 and a 4×12. The 5×12 becomes the main jet trimming, the front of the cake into a nose shape and using the trimmed pieces to form the cockpit (I used a piece of blue fruit rollup … Read more

Coolest Monster Truck Cake Ideas

Coolest Monster Truck Cake Photos and Tips

The tires on this monster truck cake are chocolate donuts dipped in thinned black icing. The Lights are marshmallows. More Monster Truck Cakes Cake by Rob B., Pensacola, FL I decided to make this monster truck cake and icing from scratch. Since I’m new to baking I made a great mistake by using confectioner’s sugar … Read more

Easy Cake Recipe Ideas for Cool Pickup Truck Cakes

Easy Cake Recipe for the Coolest Ever Truck Cake

I used a couple of different cake and loaf pans and an easy cake recipe to do this truck. The wheels are actually made with mini bundt cake pans. Cool Truck Birthday Cake Easy cake recipe by Cathy S., Metuchen I got this idea from an easy cake recipe on this website and added some … Read more

Coolest Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas for Motorcycle Fans

Coolest Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas for Motorcycle Fans

I wanted this cake to be a homemade birthday cake so I printed a picture, cut it out and put it up on the cake as a template for cutting the cake and just a coffee cup for the wheels. The body of the bike is yellow cake; the wheels are chocolate cake. Both were … Read more