Cool Homemade Swimming Pool Cake

Cool Swimming Pool Cake

My daughter was having a pool party, which was my inspiration for this cool Swimming Pool cake. I made a large chocolate sheet cake and, when cooled, cut a shallow rectangle out from the center for the swimming pool. Don’t cut too deep. Used the reserved cake for snacking. I lightly frosted the inside of the … Read more

Coolest Waterslide Birthday Cake

Coolest Waterslide Birthday Cake

This Water slide birthday cake was a fun cake to make. I had to decide how to make the slide go down the side of the cake. When I make this cake again I will use a 6 inch on top of the 10 inch to make the slide not so steep. I used fondant t make the slide and … Read more

Cool Homemade Beach Party Cake

Coolest Beach Party Cake

This was a beach party cake for my niece and nephew.  It is a 2 layer cake. I carved out a spot for the swimming pool and filled it with partially set blue jello gelatin.  The beach sand is crushed graham crackers mixed with a little white granulated sugar.  I piped little outfits onto teddy … Read more

Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

Swimming Pool cake

We just got a swimming pool, so I decided to try the jello pool cake for a 12th birthday party. This swimming pool cake was a huge hit! This is the first time I have ever attempted to make a cake like this, so it’s a little messy. But, I really had a great time … Read more

Cool Homemade Oval-Shaped Pool Party Birthday Cake

Homemade Pool Party Birthday Cake

Basically, I baked an oval shaped cake to make this Pool Party Birthday Cake. I used different icing colors to decorate the swimmers. The swimmers were teddy grahams. I used M&M’s and Life Savers. The kids enjoyed the cake!

Coolest Homemade Pool and Jello Cake Recipe Ideas 1

I made this cake from a jello cake recipe for my Nieces pool party. I made two round cakes and cut out a circle in the top layer. I then filled it with blue jelly. I iced the cake in white icing. I placed M&M’s around the outer edge of the “pool”. Cutting sour airheads … Read more

Coolest Homemade Swimming Pool Cake Ideas 5

This swimming pool cake was fun to make. I used 2 9 inch pans placed on top of each other. The top layer I cut a kidney shaped 1/2 inch deep pool. I filled it with partially thickened jelly. I frosted the cake blue. I used blue M&Ms for the border and blue airheads for … Read more

Waterslide-Shaped Whimsical Cakes 2

This is a cake that I made for my brother and sisters 10th birthday. I got plenty of ideas from other whimsical cakes on this site and the end result was a big hit. I let them help decorate too. I used two 9″ cakes stacked together. Then I cut a kidney shaped hole out … Read more

Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

Homemade Swimming Pool Cake

I saw a few Pool Cakes on this website and the internet and was excited to give it a shot. I made two 9×13 cakes and stacked them up and used wafer cookies to hide the fact that I ran out of frosting at midnight. I had so much fun making this swimming pool cake. … Read more

Coolest Pool Cake

Homemade Pool Cake

This is my version of a pool cake. I also call this my live~n~learn cake. You will need to bake the cake the night before and prepare the pool. Bake cake to your desired size. Mine is a 9″x13″. Cut out area you want for your pool. You need to cut about 2/3 of the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pool and Jello Cake Recipe Ideas 2

I used two cake mixes for a 16×11-inch cake. I let it cool completely, inverted the cake onto a large board and removed the pan. Using a serrated knife, I cut and scooped out an oval from the center of the cake, a shallow lake, leaving a thin layer of cake on the bottom (also … Read more

Coolest Homemade Swimming Pool Cake Ideas 6

This swimming pool cake was pretty simple. Just a sheet cake frosted blue. I made it a little rough to look like water. Made frosting ropes and buoys down the cake for lanes and added some little swimmers racing. I made the starting blocks out of wafer cookies and toothpicks to hold them together. I … Read more