Cool Homemade Swimming Pool Cake

Cool Swimming Pool Cake

My daughter was having a pool party, which was my inspiration for this cool Swimming Pool cake. I made a large chocolate sheet cake and, when cooled, cut a shallow rectangle out from the center for the swimming pool. Don’t cut too deep. Used the reserved cake for snacking. I lightly frosted the inside of the … Read more

Coolest Waterslide Birthday Cake

Coolest Waterslide Birthday Cake

This Water slide birthday cake was a fun cake to make. I had to decide how to make the slide go down the side of the cake. When I make this cake again I will use a 6 inch on top of the 10 inch to make the slide not so steep. I used fondant t make the slide and … Read more

Cool Homemade Beach Party Cake

Coolest Beach Party Cake

This was a beach party cake for my niece and nephew.  It is a 2 layer cake. I carved out a spot for the swimming pool and filled it with partially set blue jello gelatin.  The beach sand is crushed graham crackers mixed with a little white granulated sugar.  I piped little outfits onto teddy … Read more

Swimming Pool Cake

Seth & Simon Chillin'

My mom and I made this swimming pool cake for a “double birthday bash” for my two little boys. We used an 11 x 15 pan for the base, iced it with white icing, and made everything else out of fondant/gum paste. The cake and characters were modeled after the invitation so it tied in … Read more

Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

Homemade Swimming Pool Cake

I made this swimming pool cake for our twin nieces who are competitive club swimmers and represent their area in the country. Its made of 3 8″ square cakes, two side by side with the third cut in half and butted alongside the two others. The cake should then measure approx 16″ x 12″. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pool and Jello Cake Recipe Ideas 3

I made this Jell-O cake recipe for my sons fourth birthday party. We were having it at a local pool. I made a total of 3 cakes using mixes; 2 were rectangles and one was a circle, which I cut in half to make the half-circle area of the pool. You can get creative with … Read more

Coolest Homemade Swimming Pool Cake Ideas 7

This swimming pool cake was for a friends 30th birthday. I made two 9″ round cakes. Once leveled I cut about an inch off one side of each cake to make a flat end. I glued the two ends together with icing, forming the shape of the pool. I iced all around the cake, smoothing … Read more

Waterslide-Shaped Whimsical Cakes 4

For this cake I used two horseshoe pans put together. The sand is fine brown sugar “patted” to the sides, or you can use crushed graham crackers. The slides are a paper towel tube cut in half and painted with colored frosting. The inner tubes are chocolate donuts. The People are made of frosting. The … Read more

Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

Pool Cake With Teddies

My daughter decided she wanted a pool party for her 7th birthday. We found lots of good ideas and pictures on this website to enable us to make this awesome swimmingpool cake. It took lots of time and effort, but the look on her face was well worth the trouble. Basically we made a 9×13 … Read more

Coolest Pool Party Cake

Homemade Pool Party Cake

I made this Pool Party Cake for a 16th birthday pool party. The cake is a half sheet. I carved out the middle for the pool, covered it with buttercream then marshmallow fondant. All the decorations are fondant and the writing is buttercream.

Coolest Homemade Pool and Jello Cake Recipe Ideas 4

This idea came from the birthday theme “A Pool Party”. You would need: 2-packs of vanilla waffle cookie, 2 packs of M&M candies (either one color or all colors), 1 box of Teddy Graham cookies, 1/2 cup of blue icing, 2 cups of white (buttercream) icing, 6 gumballs (will be beach balls), 3 strips of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Swimming Pool Cake Ideas 8

This swimming pool cake was a time consuming project. I got the idea for the major part of the cake from this site from the beaches theme and then kept on adding my own ideas. I know one thing for sure – will never use a Jello Jiggler for a pool again unless I can … Read more