Coolest Pool Party Jelly Cake

Homemade Pool Party Jelly Cake

Greetings from Australia. I came across this website last week which gave me some fantastic ideas for my daughter’s 7th birthday pool party cake. I took a few ideas from different cakes and came up with this Pool Party Jelly Cake: I baked a 22cm x 30cm slab cake using 2 packet mixes. I drew … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pool and Jello Cake Recipe Ideas 6

I used two boxed cakes and baked them in 9×13 pans. I put them one on top of the other then I hollowed out the top one to make room for the “pool”. I iced them lightly and then put them on the fridge for a few hours. I then lined the pool with foil … Read more

Coolest Fountain Cake

Homemade Fountain Cake

My 10 yr old daughter, Javan, designed and decorated this Fountain Cake on her own. I thought it turned out fabulous. The bottom is a square red velvet cake with tinted buttercream icing. The top layer is a 6 inch cake set in one corner, not centered. On the top she made a circle with … Read more

Coolest Swimming Pool Birthday Cake

Homemade Swimming Pool Birthday Cake

This Swimming Pool Birthday Cake was for my twin sons’ 6th birthday party, which was at our community pool. The cake is designed to look like that pool. I made it with 6-9×13 cakes (3 chocolate, 3 white) stacked side by side. The top layer was carved in the shape of the pool. I used … Read more

Coolest Backyard Pool Party Birthday Cake

Homemade Backyard Pool Party Birthday Cake

I created this cake for a co-workers daughter’s 4th birthday. I’ve made cakes in the past, but when she asked for a pool party… it seemed rather challenging. I made a full sheet cake and dug out a 2″ deep well for the pool. Icing the grass was tedious, but the effect looks great (#16 … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pool and Jello Cake Recipe Ideas 7

I used this pool cake idea for my sons 2nd grade end of the year pool party. I searched for pool cakes and the best unique birthday cake idea I found was a pool cake made with Jello in the center. I was not sure how my son’s 2nd grade classmates would like Jello mixed … Read more

Coolest Life Preserver Cake

Life Preserver Cake

Our friends and I decided we were having a luau birthday party for our sons who were both turning one and I wanted something less girly than flowers or a sunset and that would be fairly simple to prepare (this Life Preserver Cake was my first homemade birthday cake). If you are using this for … Read more