Coolest Rocket Birthday Cake

Homemade Rocket Birthday Cake

This Rocket Birthday Cake included my son’s own 1st birthday cake. The Rocket on top came off, to be his cake. The bottom is 3 layers, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla. Frosted and then covered in fondant. We used cutters to make the planet and stars. The rocket was made with a regular cake, and cut with … Read more

Unique Cakes Shaped as Rockets 6

This cake was for my sons 5th birthday. He had a Jimmy Neutron party.  I came across a recipe for a rocket ship cake in a Pampered Chef recipe book and modified it to fit the party theme as you can see in the birthday cake picture above. It’s always fun to modify unique cakes. … Read more

Coolest Planet/Space/Solar System Cake

Homemade Planet/Space/Solar System Cake

You know when your idea is greater than you have energy for? This Planet/Space/Solar System Cake was mine! I started with a double chocolate cake mix. Yes I use cake mix, I don’t consider it cheating when you spend the next 15 hours decorating it. Two 10″ with Buttercream icing in the middle. I also … Read more

Coolest NASA Shuttle Cake

Homemade NASA Shuttle Cake

I made this NASA Shuttle Cake for the Sam Houston Area Council Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet of 2009. I had a clean, new mailing box folded flat, with a piece of black paper on top. I added a piece of plastic wrap to this and added foil stars for effect. If I would … Read more

Cool Homemade Sunshine Birthday Cake

Homemade Sunshine Birthday Cake

For her 4th birthday, my daughter requested a sunshine birthday cake with M&Ms and sprinkles. After searching the internet, I found my inspiration from Sunshine Cake #3. I also used a soccer ball form to bake the middle part and then made a paper pattern to cut out the rays from a sheet cake. I … Read more