Coolest Rocket Cake

Rocket Cake

My inspiration for this Rocket cake is from Little Einsteins. I made a larger round cake and a smaller dome cake for the top. I iced the bottom cake first, then positioned the smaller cake on the top making sure enough space was left for the headlights. I put the blue icing on first for … Read more

Coolest Rocket Birthday Cake

Homemade Rocket Birthday Cake

This Rocket Birthday Cake included my son’s own 1st birthday cake. The Rocket on top came off, to be his cake. The bottom is 3 layers, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla. Frosted and then covered in fondant. We used cutters to make the planet and stars. The rocket was made with a regular cake, and cut with … Read more

Unique Cakes Shaped as Rockets 6

This cake was for my sons 5th birthday. He had a Jimmy Neutron party.  I came across a recipe for a rocket ship cake in a Pampered Chef recipe book and modified it to fit the party theme as you can see in the birthday cake picture above. It’s always fun to modify unique cakes. … Read more

Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

The Little Einsteins Rocket cake is made from 1 cake mix using a 9 inch round cake pan for the bottom and an oven safe glass mixing bowl for the dome top. Ice cream cones topped with a half of a vanilla wafer were used for the rocket boosters and fin. To make sure the … Read more

Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Birthday Cake

Homemade Little Einsteins Rocket Birthday Cake

My inspiration came from this entire collection of Little Einsteins Rocket cakes. The photos and the descriptions were so useful in planning my own Little Einsteins Rocket Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I started by ordering the cupcake stand (which was made of Styrofoam) and gathering all my supplies ahead of time. For … Read more

Coolest Rocket Cake

Homemade Rocket Cake

This Rocket Cake was a practice run for my son’s 4th birthday. It wasn’t as difficult as I had thought it would be. I started with a chocolate sponge cake which I split in half and covered with syrup and then chocolate ganache. The rocket was much the same though it ended up a little … Read more

Coolest Rocket Cake

Coolest Rocket Cake

For my son’s third birthday, we decided to have a rocket themed birthday party, as he was currently interested in them. We decorated our backyard with stars and turned our trampoline into a giant rocket ship. So the cake had to be a Rocket Cake too. We made two cakes – both out of white … Read more

Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

Homemade Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

This was a first attempt at a Little Einsteins rocket cake and sadly I was in a hurry at the end, so I ran out of fondant (which is why you see so much white sugar on the rutters trying to hold the fondant on)! I made the fondant myself, which was cracking around the … Read more

Easy Homemade Little Einstein Rocket Birthday Cake

Homemade Little Einstein Rocket Birthday Cake

My 2 year-old granddaughter, LOVES Little Einstein. My daughter and I decided to try to make a Little Einstein Rocket Birthday Cake for her birthday. We researched online and were so excited to find a website with so many wonderful cakes! We chose a few to give us creative ideas and the day before her … Read more

Coolest Rocket Shooting From The Earth Cake

Rocket Shooting And Earth Cake

My son wanted a rocket birthday cake this year. After doing a bit of exploring, I came up with the idea to make an additional cake of the earth that the rocket could be shooting off from. For the earth, I used a basic chocolate cake recipe and baked it in a metal mixing bowl … Read more

Coolest Rocketship Birthday Cake

Homemade Rocketship Birthday Cake

This Rocketship Birthday Cake was for a 3-year-old birthday party and he wanted a rocketship. I used yellow cake and homemade buttercream frosting tinted red, white, and blue. I layered two 6″ cakes, then 2 5″ inch cakes and then two 4″ inch cakes with dowels and cardboard between the different sizes. I used an … Read more

Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

Homemade Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

Let me make this as easy as possible. First I’ll list the items I used on this Little Einsteins Rocket cake then I’ll explain how: Wilton Football cake pan Wilton 3-D Egg cake pan Wilton 12 inch round cake pan (2) 24 oz. pkgs of Wilton Ready-To-Use White Rolled Fondant (2) 1 oz bottles of … Read more