Coolest Space Planets Birthday Cake

Homemade Space Planets Birthday Cake

For this planets cake I baked two square chocolate cakes in 8 inch tins and laid them side by side on the cake board. I covered them with blue fondant icing in a marbled effect achieved by mixing dark blue and light blue packs. The fondant icing was stuck to the cake with a thin … Read more

Coolest Birthday Space Mission Cake

Homemade Birthday Space Mission Cake

My son is turning five and he decided that he wanted a space themed cake. I racked my brain trying to come up with an idea and then I came across a silicone baking pan shaped like stars. Then inspiration came to me to make this Birthday Space Mission Cake. I baked two boxes of … Read more

Coolest Space Theme Cake

Homemade Space Theme Cake

This Space Theme Cake was made for my son’s 6th birthday. The base coat of buttercream was done using a marbling technique – you just rough-spread two or more colors of buttercream onto the cake wherever you’d like them, then smooth them out together with a flat icing spatula so that the colors smooth together. … Read more

Coolest Outer Space Moon Landing Cake

Homemade Outer Space Moon Landing Cake

I made this Outer Space Moon Landing cake for my son’s fifth birthday. The party was an Astronaut Training Party. The cake itself is from a mix. The base is a half sheet cake (3 cake mixes). For the moon and the planets, I used different sized glass mixing bowls (2 each for the round … Read more