Coolest Dolphin Cake

Homemade Dolphin Cake

This Dolphin cake is based on pictures on this site – they gave me the basic plan (dolphin 5 and dolphin 11 mainly). This was my daughter’s birthday cake last year, her request. The cake was a yellow cake, but of course a sturdy chocolate cake would be fine too. It’s 3 recipes divided between … Read more

Coolest Dolphin Picture Cake Ideas 1

My daughter was having her 9th birthday party on the beach and wanted a dolphin cake to keep with the ocean theme. After looking at several cakes on various web sites including this one, and looking at a dolphin picture, we came up with the idea of making the cake out of rice crispies. I … Read more

Coolest Dolphin Picture Cake Ideas 2

I baked two 13 X 9 cakes and cut one into a dolphin shape from looking at a dolphin picture coloring page printout. I frosted the large one with a blue/green color and added the waves with blue food coloring mixed in a small amount of frosting. I then frosted the dolphin white and then … Read more

Coolest Dolphin Picture Cake Ideas 3

I found a dolphin picture as the inspiration for this dolphin cake that I made for my daughters birthday party. Before you start take a piece of half inch plywood (I cut mine to 3.5 feet by 2.5 feet) and then covered it in blue plastic coated paper. (If the paper is not plastic coated, … Read more

Coolest Dolphin Picture Cake Ideas 4

I decorated this cake with mock cream I made from icing sugar, and coloured it with food colouring, it took me a total of 5 hours to make. I got a friend to draw an outline of a dolphin by looking at a picture. I used grease paper and cut out the shape, placed it … Read more

Coolest Winter the Dolphin Birthday Cake

Homemade Winter the Dolphin Birthday Cake

My granddaughter, Abigail, requested a birthday cake with Winter the dolphin and her two dolphin friends in Florida. I have never decorated a birthday cake, but accepted the challenge knowing how much fun it would be. I had no idea what I was doing, but decided to look up dolphin figures on the internet, specifically … Read more