Coolest Aquarium Birthday Cake

Homemade Aquarium Birthday Cake

This Aquarium Birthday Cake is so far my most ambitious creatively and proudest cake thus far. Everything is homemade with the exception of the “plants” which are cuts from faux single stems from my local craft store. The “aquarium” is two metal photo frames with the glass removed, plexi-glass and window screen on top all … Read more

Coolest Fishbowl Cake

Fishbowl Cake

This fishbowl cake was made with 2 8inch cakes, layered, trimmed at the bottom and laid on it’s side. For the lip of the bowl, I used a fruit by the foot and covered it all in blue and white icing. Pepperidge farm coloured goldfish and silver cake balls, fruit by the foot (seaweed) and … Read more

Original Homemade Fish Bowl Cake

Homemade Fish Bowl Cake

This Fish Bowl Cake was my first attempt at fondant and I enjoyed it. I mixed it with blue gel color but didn’t mix thoroughly so it would give a watery look. I used a thoroughly dishwasher cleaned CD stack cover cut to the right height (clear plastic) to hold the bowl firmly in the … Read more

Coolest Fishbowl Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Fishbowl Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Fishbowl Birthday Cake Idea by making two round cakes. I put a layer of buttercream icing and stacked them. Put it in the fridge to set/firm. Then I trimmed the top and bottom to make flat spots, and stood it up. Then covered it in a thin layer of white buttercream icing, … Read more

Coolest Fish Tank Birthday Cake

Homemade Fish Tank Birthday Cake

I made this Fish Tank Birthday Cake for my best friend’s birthday. She LOVES fish and has like six different fish tanks. So I thought it would be cool to make a Fish Tank Birthday Cake for her. I wanted to make a cake she wouldn’t forget. This cake is all eatable. I made it … Read more

Coolest Homemade Aquarium and Fish Birthday Cake Photos 0

This fish birthday cake was my sons third birthday cake. I made two 9 inch rounds, iced together, cut a ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ into the opposite sides of the circle and turned the whole thing on its side. I iced it blue with flora and fish. I used nerds for the gravel which really made … Read more