Coolest Bass Fish Birthday Cake

Coolest Bass Fish Birthday Cake

This bass fish birthday cake was one of the first I made. It was for my son’s 18th birthday. I chose to go with this idea because my son is a fisherman. Once I started though, I discovered that the bass fish was hard to sculpt. Bass Fish Birthday Cake Instructions I made some Rice … Read more

Coolest Rainbow Trout Cake

Coolest Rainbow Trout Cake

This rainbow trout cake was made for my husband’s 40th birthday this past week. The fish and beer can are made out of Rice Krispie treats, covered in fondant. Making the Rainbow Trout Cake The fish was covered in a green grey fondant. I then added in the lines and such from looking at a picture … Read more

Coolest Fish Shaped Cake

Coolest Fish Shaped Cake

What fun is was to make this fish shaped cake! I have a son-in-law who loves to go fishing and I have been dying to make one of these cakes. With his birthday coming up, it was the perfect opportunity for me to make one. Making the Fish Shaped Cake I baked this one in … Read more

Coolest Grooms Fish Cake

Coolest Grooms Fish Cake

The Groom caught a 42 inch salmon on the day the wedding was announced, so it was an easy theme for a surprise Groom’s cake. The fish is made of Rice Krispie treats and covered in fondant. I found some great ideas from other contributors on this site… thanks so much! I used a cheese … Read more

Cool Blue Fin Tuna Birthday Cake

Cool Blue Fin Tuna Birthday Cake

This is one fish that didn’t get away. I baked a 9×11 cake cut in the shape of the fish.  I used the scrap pieces of cakes to build up the belly of the fish.  After covering fish in fondant I used a crisper to make it look like scales.  I dusted the cake with … Read more

Rainbow Tropical Fish Cake

Rainbow Tropical Fish Cake

It is my daughter’s 7th birthday today and she is used to my past attempts at elaborate birthday cakes.  Sure, I want to make my daughter feel special on her special day, but I also have an ulterior narcissistic desire to showcase my artistic abilities.  So a few weeks ago I asked her what kind … Read more

Coolest Bass Cake

The Bass Cake

After doing taxidermy for 27 years, I decided to switch to something I was also very good at; cake baking and decorating. I’d been doing wedding cakes part time for many years. So, I opened a cake shop in a small, neighboring town. My cakes were a big hit! But, the one cake design I … Read more

Coolest Rainbow Trout Birthday Cake

Coolest Rainbow Trout Birthday Cake

My grandson loves homemade birthday cakes. Every year I ask him to choose what I make. Now, an avid fisherman, he chose a 20 inch rainbow trout for his 12th birthday. Yikes, a 20 inch trout cake! I had to think about this one. I decided to first find a rainbow trout on the internet. … Read more

Coolest Father’s Day Fish Cake

I made this cake last minute for a Father’s Day BBQ. It turned out really good. I baked a 9 x 13 cake then froze it. I got various pickerel fish pictures off the internet and enlarged them until I got the size I liked. I then cut the picture to make a template to … Read more

Coolest Big Fish Cake

Coolest Big Fish Cake

I made this big fish cake for a great friend who is also a doctor who loves to fish. I took an 11×15 and 8×11 and cut out the fish. I shaped the tail and face. The middle is just icing to make it look like the fish is jumping out of the water. This … Read more

Cool Cake Idea: The Fish that Didn’t Get Away

Cool Cake Idea: The Fish that Didn't Get Away

My best friend’s husband worked for a Fishing Club and so she wanted a cake with a fish theme. I decided to make a cake that looked like a fish. I went online to get pictures of salmon from different angles so I could make it as realistic as possible without using fondant since nobody … Read more

Cool Goldfish Cake

Cool Goldfish Cake

This goldfish cake was made for my grandson’s 2nd birthday/adoption party.  It was made with a white cake, in a 16x12x2 Magic Line Pan.  Aquarium rocks made with butterscotch crunches and blue sprinkles.  

Easy Homemade Fish Cake

Fish Cake

This Fish cake was really quite easy to make. To make the fish I cut plastic craft canvas into a triangle and then tied 2 corners together to make a modified cone shape. I had planned to make the fish out of rice krispies but that didn’t work so I used some rice krispies under … Read more

Coolest Goldfish Cake

Goldfish Cake

I have never made a cake like this before. After looking on this site, I got inspired. My son was having a fish themed birthday so I decided to make a goldfish cake. I started with a 9×13 cake. I lined the pan with wax paper so it would not stick. I let it cool … Read more

Cool Homemade Orange Fish Cake With Skittles

Homemade Fish Cake

This fish cake was made for my uncle who loves to fish and who my children named “Fishing George” instead of Great Uncle George. I used a cake mix and made 2- 8″ cakes. I cut a small curve off of one cake to make the tail fit better. I then cut the tail and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fish Birthday Cake Ideas 0

I got this cake from my fathers girlfriend. I’m a huge fan of a Balloonfish named “Diodon Holacanthus”. She got the picture from this site. It was a great cake! She used biscuit and cream and eyes with marzipan and raisins.s girlfriend. I’m a huge fan of a Balloonfish named “Diodon Holacanthus”. She got the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fish Birthday Cakes 4

This is a fish cake that my Mother and I made for my sons 1st birthday. We were expecting a lot of guest hence all the fish birthday cakes! I wanted to do a beachy/pool theme for his birthday since it falls in the middle of the blazing summer! We used one large cake pan … Read more

Fish Cake

Fish in the Ocean Cake

I threw a fish-themed party for my son’s third birthday and I wanted to make his cake myself this time. I used a round pan for the body and a heart-shaped pan for the tail. The pointy tip of the heart-shaped cake was cut off with a curve to follow the round cake (the tip … Read more

Cool Homemade Bass Cake

Homemade Bass Cake

This Bass Cake was my first time working with fondant. I was very impressed with my work, as was everyone else! I now have a web page, and I am starting my own business. I made the cake out of a regular half sheet size. I carved a basic fish shape out of half of … Read more

Coolest Koi Cake Design

Homemade Koi Cake Design

I made this Koi Cake Design for my Grandma’s birthday. She has always had a fish pond since I can remember, and her Koi in it have to weigh close to 20 pounds each! So, I knew she would love this cake. It is a marbled chocolate-vanilla cake with a Kaluah-Coffe filling, vanilla buttercream and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fish Birthday Cake Ideas 1

I made this fish birthday cake for my son (11 yrs.) and my husbands birthday (lost count!). They fall only 2 days apart, so I have the pleasure of making a cake that they both like, not an easy task. I make special cakes for family and friends every year ranging from a goldfish bowl … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fish Birthday Cakes 5

This cake I actually found on this website for fish birthday cakes. There was a link to the recipe found on It turned out to be a really cool cake but working with the tail proved to be a challenge. I had to use a LOT of wooden skewers to hold the tail in … Read more

Coolest Rainbow Fish Cake

Rainbow Fish Cake

I got the idea off of the internet after combining 2-3 other ideas and using the fish in the book Rainbow Fish for my color concept. The rainbow fish cake is 2 9 in rounds. I colored cream cheese icing to make it Rainbow Fish colored. The lips are lollipops, the fins are a 1 … Read more

Coolest Fogerty The Fish Cake

Homemade Fogerty The Fish Cake

I made this Fogerty The Fish Cake for a woman whose boyfriend is allergic to real fish. She wanted a fish that looked like it was “served on a platter”. It’s a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and two colors of green fondant that I custom colored, plus tomatoes and lettuce which I made.