Coolest Under The Sea Cake

Homemade Under The Sea Cake

I made this under the sea cake for a teacher appreciation week with this theme. I took a lot of ideas off this site and just free handed it. The cake was just a mix in a 9×13 pan. I used ready made frosting, and did the sand first, its the stuff from the bottom … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas 1

The birthday boy wanted something octopus – like for a sea themed party (a summer swimming party.) It needed to serve a large number of people, so I wanted to create an ocean cake that was made of three stacked cakes.The bottom cake is a two-layer chocolate cake, baked in a large oval pan, and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas and Tips 5

I used a chocolate cake for the inside of this ocean cake. Then I used pre made icing form a bulk store and colored it to the colors I wanted. The fish rocks are also bought from a bulk store (I put them on one at a time). People asked me all the time if … Read more

Coolest Winter the Dolphin Birthday Cake

Homemade Winter the Dolphin Birthday Cake

My granddaughter, Abigail, requested a birthday cake with Winter the dolphin and her two dolphin friends in Florida. I have never decorated a birthday cake, but accepted the challenge knowing how much fun it would be. I had no idea what I was doing, but decided to look up dolphin figures on the internet, specifically … Read more

Coolest Homemade 3D Colorful Fish Cake

Fish Cake

Two sheet cakes stacked, carve into whale like body for a fish cake. Fondant a layer over whole fish. Cut scales with round cookie cutter, layer on overlapping. Tail is cut from an additional square cake, make shape however you’d like. Frost with regular frosting or fondant like I did. Have fun, my nephew almost … Read more

Coolest Fish Birthday Cake

Homemade Fish Birthday Cake

This Fish Birthday Cake is a completely gluten-free masterpiece, with the only dairy being butter so suitable for a lactose-free and caesin-free diet too. The design was inspired by some of the other fabulous cakes on this site (particularly cakes #40 & #46) along with a beautiful clipart I stumbled across on the net one … Read more

Coolest Goldfish Birthday Cake

Homemade Goldfish Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Goldfish Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I used packet cake mix for the cake part (Greens butter cake), it is really tasty and very reliable. I made butter icing for the icing and flavoured it with vanilla essence. My skills don’t lie in decorating so my husband and my … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fish Birthday Cakes 7

I used a “dolphin” shaped cake pan and cut off the dolphins snout after baking the cake. I then mixed food colorings to get brown grayish-green and other fish-like colors. I decorated with shiny sugar “cake decorating” crystals. The cake was for my husband’s birthday, he loves to fish so I thought it would be … Read more

Coolest Fishbowl Cake

Fishbowl Cake

This fishbowl cake was made with 2 8inch cakes, layered, trimmed at the bottom and laid on it’s side. For the lip of the bowl, I used a fruit by the foot and covered it all in blue and white icing. Pepperidge farm coloured goldfish and silver cake balls, fruit by the foot (seaweed) and … Read more

Coolest Octopus Cake

Octopus Cake

This octopus cake came from an inspiration of many cakes on this site. First I made 2 Victoria sponge caks and then made a small Victoria in a ceramic bowl. The 2 round cakes were stuck together with jam and buttercream and covered in blue icing, the icing was not stiff so that run off … Read more

Coolest Under the Sea Cake

Homemade Under the Sea Cake

I made this under the sea cake with four boxed cakes. The first tier is vanilla and the 2nd one is chocolate. This was my first attempt at a tiered cake and while it wasn’t easy, I am pleased with the result. The octopus on top was supposed to be made from cake too, using … Read more

Cool Homemade Lighthouse Cake

Homemade Lighthouse Cake

I made this Lighthouse Cake for my sister’s 20th Wedding Anniversary. She and her family are boaters and their daughter asked me to create a cake for the surprise party she is giving them. I drew the lighthouse on the cake using a ruler and piped the decor. The red is sparkle red gel from … Read more

Coolest Penguin Cake

Homemade Penguin Cake

I did this penguin cake for my cousin. I was trying a new technique to make so I just gave it to her. I just made a 3 tier chocolate cake, with chocolate buttercream. I just used a piece of fondant for the base of the penguin. I used wax paper and traced the penguin … Read more

Coolest Penguins of Madagascar Cake

Homemade Penguins of Madagascar Cake

My grandson loves penguins of any kind. He has a cool T-shirt with the Penguins of Madagascar, so my daughter decided to make that the theme of his birthday party. When deciding how I could make a cake for the occasion I decided it would look cuter to have the penguins upright on the cake. … Read more

Coolest Sea Lion Cake

Homemade Sea Lion Cake

I made this Sea Lion Cake from the Wilton 3-D Lamb Cake Pan. After the cake cooled, I cut away some cake from the neck area, cut away the ears and feet to give a sea lion shape. I stuck a long wooden skewer down the middle for strength. I then iced the entire cake … Read more

Coolest Shark N Ocean Cake

Homemade Shark N Ocean Cake

My son wanted a Jaws theme party for his 11th birthday. I got the idea for my shark N ocean cake from some on-line pics, then baked two sheet cakes, 1/2 cake mix in a 1 quart bowl and the 1/2 as a dozen cupcakes. I stacked the sheet cakes on top of one another … Read more

Coolest Shark Birthday Cake

Homemade Shark Birthday Cake

My 3 year loves sharks and since I was not able to find a shark cake pan I decided to get creative and make a shark birthday cake of my own. I did find a shark cake that was similar on this site. I did a search online to find a simple shark picture to … Read more

Coolest Shark Attack Cake Design

Homemade Shark Attack Cake Design

Sharks are big around here, so my son wanted a Jaws cake for his 10th birthday. After some internet searching we decided to use a football cake pan for the shark, set on a 9×13 cake as the ocean. We used 2 cake mixes and baked both according to directions. Then we sliced the bottom … Read more

Coolest Shark Picture Cake Ideas 2

As you can see I copied this cake from another shark picture on this site. (Thanks Alison T.) The big slab cake on the bottom was a double recipe of my favorite banana cake. The shark piece was a basic butter cake recipe baked in a loaf tin. Once cooked I froze the cake. Then … Read more

Coolest Whale Cake

Homemade  Whale Cake

My step-daughter loves whales and asked me to make a cake with a whale on it for her birthday. I found a design for a whale cake on this website that I loved and decided to copy it. It turned out so well that I thought I should submit my picture. The first thing I … Read more

Coolest Whale and Orca-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids 4

Heres our Jonah and the Whale birthday cake idea! Our son was fascinated with the Jonah bible story. So here is what we did! CAKE With 3-D cakes it is easier to use box cakes utilizing the pound cake recipe. Call 1-800 customer service number if the recipe is not on the box- they will … Read more