Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Cake

I made this Rainbow Fish cake for my little boy’s second birthday. He was a huge fan of Rainbow Fish and we were constantly reading an over sized book called Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale. I knew I was going to make a Rainbow Fish cake and after much thought I decided to copy the … Read more

Awesome Hungry Shark Birthday Cake

The Hungry Shark

This awesome Hungry Shark birthday cake was for my nephew and my sister has a passion for making the best birthday cakes out of our family. She puts us to shame when it comes to our kids birthday parties. But I believe this one “takes the cake” for the best one ever. Weeks of thinking of … Read more

Coolest Octopus and Pirate Birthday Cake

Coolest Octopus and Pirate Birthday Cake

I make this Octopus and Pirate birthday cake for my son’s 1st birthday. The original idea I got from the internet. I forgot the artist’s name, and I make the 3D base on the picture with some little changes so it can work with gum paste and fondant, and its my first octopus cake. I was try to … Read more

Cool Cake Idea: The Fish that Didn’t Get Away

Cool Cake Idea: The Fish that Didn't Get Away

My best friend’s husband worked for a Fishing Club and so she wanted a cake with a fish theme. I decided to make a cake that looked like a fish. I went online to get pictures of salmon from different angles so I could make it as realistic as possible without using fondant since nobody … Read more

Cool DIY Dolphin Cake

Coolest Dolphin Cake

I baked a 9×9 square cake for this dolphin cake. After letting it cool I stuck it in the freezer for about an hour. I used a dolphin stencil that I made and placed it on cake and cut around the shape (you have to do two because it is a double layered cake). I … Read more

Coolest Underwater Scene Cake

Coolest Underwater Scene Cake

I decided to test my skills by entering a cake into our local show under the novice title. After thinking about it for a few days I decided I wanted to make my cake eye catching and bright, so I went with an underwater themed caked. Before even tackling the cake I knew I had … Read more

Cool Goldfish Cake

Cool Goldfish Cake

This goldfish cake was made for my grandson’s 2nd birthday/adoption party.  It was made with a white cake, in a 16x12x2 Magic Line Pan.  Aquarium rocks made with butterscotch crunches and blue sprinkles.  

Cute and Bright Dolphin Cake

Cute and Bright Dolphin Cake

I made this dolphin cake for my 8 year old daughter as she loves dolphins. This cake was probably the easiest out of all my other cake attempts. I started off by looking for a picture of a dolphin and surprisingly I found a small sticker which really captured my eyes as the images I … Read more

Cool Little Mermaid in an Ocean Cake

Cool Little Mermaid in an Ocean Cake

My niece is a huge Little Mermaid fan, and insisted I make her a mermaid cake with Ariel on top.  After researching the internet for some ideas, I came up with this cute two tier cake.  I stacked the cakes, and crumb coated in light blue icing.  Then went back and added a few drops … Read more

Coolest Penguin Winter Wonderland Cake

Coolest Penguin Winter Wonderland Cake

My hubby and myself made this Penguin Winter Wonderland cake at home, to say thank you to every one at 44… This cake was made from chocolate sponge and covered with sugar paste. About two weeks before we started the cake I had to start drawing and organizing the run out templates for the decoration on the cake sides, … Read more

Coolest Shark Cake

Coolest Shark Cake

This shark cake was a 5th grade graduation cake for a girl who loves sharks. I saw the other shark cakes on this site but chose to make my own design. This is a personal size cake using 2 regular sized cupcakes to shape the shark and a 9 inch round cake for the water. … Read more

Cool Homemade Happy Feet Birthday Cake

Homemade Happy Feet Birthday Cake

When my daughter turned two, she was really into “Happy Feet.” We decided to venture away from our typical Wilton pan birthday cake and do a freehand Happy Feet Birthday Cake. Using the Happy Feet napkin design, my husband cut the Happy Feet shape seen in the picture using a serrated knife. We used a … Read more

Coolest Penguin Birthday Cake

Homemade Penguin Birthday Cake

I made this Penguin Birthday Cake for my son’s first birthday! I layered seven eight inch rounds and sculpted the top 2/3 for the head/upper body. The sculpting was a challenge since I’d never done it before! I used fondant for the belly and eyes and black frosting for the body. While not a masterpiece, … Read more

Coolest Penguin Cake Decorating Design Ideas 2

You can use any cake and frosting recipe. Bake cake and frost. Cover with blue colored fondant. The ice and snow are done with royal icing which I applied with a tip (Wilton #11 or #12) and also used a (damp) knife to spread. Use tip #2 or #3 for the fine/pointy pieces of ice. … Read more

Coolest Shark Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Shark Birthday Cake Idea

This Homemade Shark Birthday Cake Idea is a composite of every shark cake on this site. Thank you all for such wonderful advice and tips and pictures. The coolest thing I discovered from this venture was that I can make virtually any shape, given enough cake. The early picture of the raw carving could be … Read more

Coolest Shark Picture Birthday Cake

Homemade  Shark Picture Birthday Cake

My Shark Picture Birthday Cake has been made by “the cake shop”, at Grenoble, in France. This is a shop in which you can find everything possible for amazing cakes you want to do or you want them to do for you ! Indeed, I asked them to make me a birthday cake with the … Read more

Coolest Jaws Shark Cake

Homemade Jaws Shark Cake

I made this Homemade Jaws Shark Cake for my 20yr old nephew’s birthday. He loves movies and asked for the Jaws movie Poster as a cake. The cake is a chocolate cake which I made in a large roasting tin. I wanted the actual shark to be the cake so I used fondant icing on … Read more

Coolest Shark Picture Cake Ideas 7

This shark is copied from shark pictures. It was for my sons 5th birthday. This cake was drawn completely free hand. The teeth were made out of nuts. I can’t remember what kind but I looked at all the packages and picked out the kind that most resembled teeth. I picked through the nuts for … Read more

Coolest Whale with Baby Whale Cake

Mom and baby whale

My little one wanted a blue whale cake from day one, so I just had to live up to the challenge. I’ve used rice crispy treat to form the body and covered it with marshmallow fondant. I originally did the same with the tail, but it was much too big and heavy after it was … Read more

Fish in Ocean Cake

Fish in Ocean Cake

I got the idea for this cake from a Creative Cooks cookbook. It was called “Deep Sea Cake.” I made two 9 x 13 cakes. I trimmed the edges and tops so they were even and exactly the same size and perfectly straight. I used about 4 tubs of Betty Crocker prepared Vanilla frosting. I … Read more

Cool Homemade 3-Tier Ocean Scene Birthday Cake

Homemade Ocean Birthday Cake Design

I decorated this Ocean Birthday Cake Design with the help of my new Cricut Cake Expression. I also handmade some of the decorations, like the octopus, seaweed and sea anemone. It was my first cake, so it was a bit of a challenge. I learned a lot about how to use Wilton gum paste and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas 6

This cake was for my sons third birthday party. We decided on an ocean theme. The cake is just a yellow birthday cake recipe. I iced it with a blue powdered sugar icing. The sand is crushed cookies. To find the candy rocks and shells I had to search several local cake decorating stores, they … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas and Tips 10

I took a regular yellow cake mix and baked it in a rectangular cake pan. Once cooled turned it upside down onto a cookie sheet. I then covered the whole thing with white icing. I took two tubs of regular icing and colored it blue with icing color used to make the ocean. Then took … Read more

Cool Homemade Dolphin and Trainer Birthday Cake

Homemade Dolphin Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my niece’s 10th birthday. She is crazy about dolphins and asked her mom for a homemade dolphin birthday cake for her party. I started with four 9×13 cakes (two yellow, two chocolate). I iced it with blue buttercream and chocolate frosting. I made sand with vanilla wafer crumbs and granulated … Read more