Coolest Under the Sea Cake

Homemade Under the Sea Cake

I am posting this Under the Sea cake for all the Mom’s like me that LOVE and are inspired by other Moms’ideas! My daughter asked for an “Under-the-Sea” birthday party, so we had a Mermaid Tea Party. The cake is made of 2 round layers of strawberry cake on the bottom and 2 smaller round … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas and Tips 1

This ocean cake was made using three (two cake batters) 9″ round white cakes, four Nilla cookies, chocolate candy rocks, buttercream and fluffy white icing, cake boards, white melting chocolate and graham crumbs. The first 9″ round was set off centre on the large cake board. The second was cut in half and set next … Read more

Fish and Ocean Cake

Super Easy Fish and Ocean Cake!

For this Ocean cake, I started with a Costco cake with simple blue and white border, but I wanted blue frosting. Wilton’s makes a food coloring spray in lots of different colors, perfect for coloring the simple store bought cake (Spray color found at Michael’s). I then used graham cracker crumbs for the beach, gummy … Read more

Coolest Under the Sea Cake

Homemade Under the Sea Cake

I made this cake for my son’s 3rd birthday party. He loves fish and water and requested a homemade Under the Sea cake. This was my first 2-tier cake and I’m happy with how it turned out. I thought I would need to put some sort of supports in the bottom layer but it turned … Read more

Coolest Splish Splash Fish Bash Cake


I’m very new to cake making-decorating. I have only made 3 and that is in the last 8 months. First my own wedding cake, then my friend’s wedding cake and now this one for my friend’s son’s first birthday party. They love the book called The Rainbow Fish so wanted that included in the cake. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas and Tips 2

I got the recipe for an ocean cake from the Deepak Chopra cook book. It was the blueberry orange cake (quite nutritious and delish!) with a cream cheese icing. Part of the green food coloring was spirulina. Ive just always been intrigued by the just always been intrigued by the ocean.

Coolest Aquarium Cake

Aquarium Cake

I made this aquarium cake as a direct representation of an actual tropical fish aquarium that my friend has. It was made on a college campus with supplies from the campus grocery store, my personal tools, and a lot of pre-planning. The fish are made of various kinds of candy, the gravel is cookie crumbs … Read more

Coolest Sea Life Theme Birthday Cake

Homemade Sea Life Theme Birthday Cake

My son was having his 4th birthday party at a swimming place and he really wanted a sea-life themed birthday party. I decided to make my own Sea Life Theme Birthday Cake because it would be exactly as I wanted it to be. I bought 2 boxes of white cake mix and made it according … Read more

Coolest Scuba Diver 50th Birthday Cake

Homemade Scuba Diver 50th Birthday Cake

I made this Scuba Diver 50th Birthday Cake for a friend’s birthday. The cake was covered in fondant that was tinted aqua blue. The fish, plants, diver’s face, hands and tanks were made of Starbursts candy. With so many colors needed it eliminated have to color different batches of fondant. Just put the Starbursts in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas and Tips 3

This ocean cake was for my sons fifth birthday. My first attempt at a creative cake. I found that fruit leather and a pair of scissors were very useful in creating different sea-weeds. Group similar fish placing some behind the seaweed to give 3 dimensional effect. The candy pebbles were a great hit. Playing around … Read more

Coolest First Birthday Ocean Cake

Homemade First Birthday Ocean Cake

This homemade first birthday ocean cake was made for my friends son’s first birthday. The theme was “under the sea”. I made a 12x18x2 inch sheet cake. Half of it was a dark chocolate mix and half was a Golden Butter flavor. The frosting was homemade buttercream tinted Royal Blue with a bit of Cornflower … Read more

Coolest Under The Sea Cake

Under The Sea With Friends Cake

I made this under the sea cake for my 4 year old daughter’s birthday. She asked for a cake with ‘everything like mermaids and fish and crabs’ on it. I started several days before and made the decorations for the coral reef. They included chocolate coral (melted white chocolate colored and piped onto wax paper), … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas 0

Cakes are my new hobby. Being a mom of FOUR with two children in school Ive got plenty of them to make! This ocean cake was for my daughters Kindergarten class learning about the ocean. I made a butter cream frosting, made the octopus seaweed barnacle (red barnacle is twizzler) and starfish freehand with the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas and Tips 4

This ocean cake was made using four cake mixes. I put vanilla wafers in the food processor for the “sea floor”. The crab and octopus were made from a small custard dish to bake the cake mix. I covered it with colored fondant and then molded legs and eyes from the colored fondant. The “tube … Read more

Coolest Fish Ocean Birthday Cake

Homemade Fish Ocean Birthday Cake

This cake was not hard to make at all, but it did require a lot of prep work. I saw a very similar homemade fish ocean birthday cake online and my son loved it. This is what I came up with. 1. I had to make a batch of sugar cookies cut out in the … Read more

Coolest Under The Sea Cake

Homemade Under The Sea Cake

I made this under the sea cake for a teacher appreciation week with this theme. I took a lot of ideas off this site and just free handed it. The cake was just a mix in a 9×13 pan. I used ready made frosting, and did the sand first, its the stuff from the bottom … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas 1

The birthday boy wanted something octopus – like for a sea themed party (a summer swimming party.) It needed to serve a large number of people, so I wanted to create an ocean cake that was made of three stacked cakes.The bottom cake is a two-layer chocolate cake, baked in a large oval pan, and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas and Tips 5

I used a chocolate cake for the inside of this ocean cake. Then I used pre made icing form a bulk store and colored it to the colors I wanted. The fish rocks are also bought from a bulk store (I put them on one at a time). People asked me all the time if … Read more

Coolest Under Sea Birthday Cake

Homemade Under Sea Birthday Cake

I made this Under Sea Birthday Cake for a dear friend whose daughter was turning 5. This was a very small cake, 2-6 inch rounds with blue butter cream. I put it on a pedestal plate because there was a Little Mermaid doll next to the cake and I wanted height. I used marshmallow fondant … Read more

Coolest Under The Sea Cake

Homemade Under the Sea Cake

This under the sea cake is a plain chocolate cake that I made for a 3 year old (also made a tool cake for his twin brother). The icing is buttercream with fondant sea creatures. To achieve the two-toned effect with the icing, I first used blue icing around the side then used teal around … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas 2

My sons 6th birthday party was held in the aquarium. So we thought it would be nice to have an under the ocean cake to go with the theme. I used 2 of Wilton’s hexagon pans in different sizes, put the smaller cake on top of the bigger one. For decoration I used sea creatures … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ocean Cake Ideas and Tips 6

My son wanted an ocean cake so I made some creatures out of candy melts using a cookie cutter mold and covered them in fondant. The sea shells are made out of candy melts, the fish are from fondant painted with edible paint, and the sand is crushed graham crackers. The middle is glass globe … Read more

Coolest Ocean Birthday Cake

Homemade Ocean Birthday Cake

This ocean birthday cake was the first time I ever decorated a cake, other than putting icing on it and writing “Happy Birthday”. It was so easy and fun. This was a couple of years ago, but I think I can remember how I made it. The cake was chocolate, my son’s favorite. I used … Read more

Cool Homemade Seashell Cake

Seashell Cake 2008

This is a birthday cake I made for my mother-in-law’s birthday (Cheryl). This seashell cake is a dual tiered (yellow & chocolate layers) seashell ocean themed cake. Standard 10″ and 8″ cakes iced with homemade buttercream icing tinted an aqua/blue color. All the seashells, sanddollars and coral are hand sculpted out of white fondant. After … Read more