Coolest Aircraft Carrier and Plane Cake

Homemade Aircraft Carrier and Plane Cake

This Aircraft Carrier and Plane Cake was made for a friend as he was born on the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. The plane was made from fondant icing and royal icing. The cake was sponge, white and chocolate. The boat was sponge sinking into main cake. The size was a 14 ” base. It … Read more

Coollest Jet Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Jet Birthday Cake Design

I used one 13X18 sheet cake but you could use two 9X13 and set them side by side for this Homemade Jet Birthday Cake Design. The icing was colored with McCormick’s Black Food Coloring (found in the spices area at the store.) Remember it is a liquid color is it will thin the icing some. … Read more

Coolest Red Arrows Cake

Homemade Red Arrows Cake

My son is a huge Red Arrows fan, they are the British aerobatic jet plane display team. He wanted a Red Arrows cake, so I decided to make him a cake with the Red Arrows in formation. Usually there are 9 planes in a full formation, but since he was turning 6, I made only … Read more

Coolest Aircraft Carrier Birthday Cake

Homemade Aircraft Carrier Birthday Cake

I made this aircraft carrier birthday cake for my son’s 11th birthday. I used one cake mix and cut the cake to match a toy aircraft carrier of my son’s. I used hospital icing colored with black to make the grey color. He loved it!

Coolest Aircraft Carrier Cake

Coolest Army Theme Birthday Party Cakes

I got my army theme birthday party cake inspiration from my son’s toys. My son was into fighter jet planes so when his birthday approached I tried to find an idea to incorporate his favorite toys into his army theme birthday party celebration. I was looking at his toys lying on the floor and I … Read more