Blue Angel Jet Plane Cake

I used the same technique that the other Blue Angel cake on this site used but to make the cockpit and tail wings I made sugar cookies. As you can see from my cake pictures, the tail wings were simply triangle cutouts and the cockpit I made by baking the cooking on the backside of … Read more

Coolest Blue Angels F18 Birthday Cake

Homemade Blue Angels F18 Birthday Cake

My son has always been fascinated with fighter jets. A few years ago, the Blue Angels were featured at our air show, and he has been requesting a “Blue Angels” birthday cake ever since. After being a fighter pilot for Halloween this past year, I figured I would attempt the cake for his 7th birthday. … Read more

Coolest Airplane Cake Idea and Photos 0

I had this cake idea using a standard 9×12 cake pan and then cutting it into two pieces – a 5×12 and a 4×12. The 5×12 becomes the main jet trimming, the front of the cake into a nose shape and using the trimmed pieces to form the cockpit (I used a piece of blue … Read more

Coolest Cessna Airplane Cake 172

Homemade Cessna Airplane Cake Homemade Cessna Airplane Cake I made this Cessna airplane cake for my sons 4th birthday. He loves planes and wanted a T41 cake (his made up name after watching to many WWII documentaries with daddy). I fashioned this after my father’s Cessna 172 as I know what that looks like. I … Read more

Coolest Flying Airplane Birthday Cake

Homemade Airplane Birthday Cake

This Airplane Birthday Cake was for my husband’s, a pilot, birthday. The base was two 9×13 layers of chocolate cake, filled with vanilla butter cream and maraschino cherries. The entire cake was covered in homemade blue marshmallow fondant, with clouds cut out of white fondant. I built a frame for the airplane out of thin … Read more

Coolest Turbo Otter Float Plane Birthday Cake 37

Homemade Turbo Otter Float Plane Birthday Cake This Homemade Turbo Otter Float Plane Birthday Cake took a lot of time and effort. It is about 90% edible and only feeds about 6 people.Both the middle of the plane and the floats are real cake with buttercream icing and fondant. The wings, prop, supports and back … Read more