Awesome Homemade Fire Truck Cake With Chocolate Ladder

Homemade Fire Truck Cake

I made this Fire Truck Cake for my littlest boy who just turned three!! 1x white chocolate mud cake into an 18cm square tin (7cm deep). 1x vanilla cake into a 20x30cm rectangle tin. The recipes I used were both Donna Hay ones – Melt & Mix White Chocolate Mud Cake and Melt & Mix … Read more

Awesome Homemade Dalmatian Fire Truck Cake

dalmatian fire truck cake

I made this fun dalmatian fire truck cake for a friend’s little boy’s birthday party. I truly put a lot of heart into making this cake, as the boy’s father had passed away not even a year earlier. This was his first birthday without his dad, and I wanted to create something that would make him … Read more

22 Fire Engine Birthday Cake Designs


If you are looking to make a perfect cake to surprise a hero firefighter, or your son who dreams to become one, take a look at these cool Fire Engine Birthday Cakes. Let everyone have a slice of your beautiful heroic cake! 1. Coolest Firetruck Retirement Cake This Firetruck Retirement Cake was actually made by … Read more

Cool Firefighter Helmet Cake

Cool Firefighter Helmet Cake

My son complained because I was making birthday cakes for my granddaughters, but haven’t made him one. Since he is a firefighter, I decided to make him a firefighter helmet cake. I baked the cake in a round oven proof bowl. For the rim on top, I used marzipan. To make it look like a … Read more

Coolest Firefighter’s Birthday Cake

Coolest Firefighter's Birthday Cake

My sister’s co-worker asked me to make a birthday cake for her 18 year old son who was a firefighter. She originally sent me a picture of a helmet cake that she had found on line but told me that she really was open to something else if I could come up with a cool design. … Read more

Coolest Fire Fighter Cake Ever

Coolest Fire Fighter Cake Ever

This fire fighter cake was simple to make. I started with a simple chocolate cake with a butter cream center. Then added chocolate frosting to cover the cake. I dripped my  knife in to hot water before applying it to the cake so the frosting looked more like fondant. Then I piped green frosting on … Read more

Fun Homemade Fire Truck Cake With Candy Decorations

Coolest Fire Truck Cake

This fire truck cake turned out to be simpler than I had anticipated. The most difficult part was getting the correct color of red without having it taste bitter. I ended up using a LOT of dye and mixing different tints to finally get it right.  This did make the frosting a little moister than … Read more

Coolest Volunteer Firefighter Birthday Cake

Homemade Volunteer Firefighter Birthday Cake

This Volunteer Firefighter Birthday Cake was a cake I made for my boyfriend who was captain of his local fire department. Was my first time making a cake with fondant. Made my own marshmallow fondant that I found online.

Cool Homemade Firetruck Birthday Cake

Homemade Firetruck Birthday Cake

My son Jared loves big trucks of all kinds, for his 4th birthday he was absolutely sure that he wanted a firetruck birthday cake. I look forward to making my children a custom-ordered cake for their birthdays, so I was excited about this challenge. To construct the cake I baked a half-sheet of cherry chip … Read more

Coolest Fire Truck and Burning House Cake

Homemade Fire Truck and Burning House Cake

I made this homemade fire truck and burning house cake for my son’s third birthday. I used a roasting pan for the ground. I sliced off the right corner and stacked it on the left corner then I frosted the whole thing green. I made a graham cracker house and made flames from cinnamon and … Read more

Coolest Fire Engine 3rd Birthday Cake

Homemade Fire Engine 3rd Birthday Cake

My son Rhys was turning 3, so I drew inspiration from his current hero, Fireman Sam for his birthday party. His invitations were a photo of him dressed in his Fireman Sam dress up (that I made) and his birthday cake just had to be a fire engine. I made a ‘family chocolate cake’ and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fire Engine Birthday Cake With Fireman Toy

Homemade Fire Engine Birthday Cake

My little boy is Fireman Sam obsessed so I wanted to make him a fire engine birthday cake. Saw one in a Woman’s Weekly (Australian Publication) cake book and then went on line and did some searching (that’s how I found this site) and had a look at others. Found the Betty Crocker how to … Read more

Coolest Fire Truck Kids Cakes and Preparation Tips 1

These are the type of kids cakes that are fairly simple to make. I took a 9×13 cake and cut it in half (long ways). One half served as the base of the cake and the second half is cut to make the cab of the fire truck. Black licorice for the ladders, chocolate cookies … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fire Truck Cake Ideas 3

I filled three layers of cake (two yellow one chocolate) with vanilla buttercream frosting. I made the frosting slightly stiffer knowing that I had three heavy cake layers. The cakes were adapted from the cake doctor; I was looking for one that was between a pound and a typical layer cake, sturdy but not too … Read more

Coolest Fire Chief Helmet Cake

Homemade Fire Chief Helmet Cake

I made this Homemade Fire Chief Helmet Cake to celebrate the birthday of the fire chief in our community. I started by tracing an actual helmet (my son is a volunteer fire fighter) onto poster board. I then traced the poster board shape onto flexible cardboard. I glued the two pieces together and curved it. … Read more

Simple Homemade Homemade Firetruck Birthday Cake

Homemade Firetruck Birthday Cake

To make this Firetruck Birthday cake, I baked one 9″ x 13″ cake and one cake in a loaf pan. The front of the firetruck was the loaf pan cake, cut in half and then placed standing up. The body of the truck was cut in a rectangular shape, the width of which matched the … Read more

Coolest Yellow Fire Truck 3rd Birthday Cake

Homemade Yellow Fire Truck 3rd Birthday Cake

My son has a yellow toy fire truck so he wanted a yellow fire truck cake for his 3rd birthday. I used the information I saw on a Betty Crocker kitchen’s video at Howdini. But, I didn’t follow their instructions exactly. I used one huge loaf pan. I cut off part of it for the … Read more

Coolest 3rd Birthday Fire Truck Cake

Homemade 3rd Birthday Fire Truck Cake

This 3rd birthday fire truck cake was my first attempt at a specialty cake for my son’s birthday. Since I am not very knowledgeable regarding baking cakes, I did a lot of online searching for tips. Here are some of the ones that really helped me. 1. I used store bought mix, but found recipes … Read more

Coolest Fire Truck Kids Cakes and Preparation Tips 2

Thanks to everyone who posts kids cakes on this website. I was able to gather a number of ideas to make my sons cake work for us. My son just loved the thin red licorice hose and the ladder made with chocolate icing. The best part was using Wilton’s ready-to-use rolled fondant icing. I bought … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fire Truck Cake Ideas 4

Here is a fire truck cake I made for my husband when he got a firefighter job. I used pound cake. A whole loaf for the bottom and cut the other one in half and put it on top. I used red icing (which I couldnt find at the time so I had to create … Read more

Coolest Fireman Sam Cake

Homemade Fireman Sam Cake

I wanted to do a cake for a little fan of Firemen Sam but I wanted to do more than just the Fire truck so I thought of creating a scene wherein Fireman Sam is in action with his fire truck trying to control a house on fire. First of all I covered a large … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Fondant Fire Truck Cake With Hose

Homemade Fire Truck Cake

This Fire Truck Cake was such fun. I used a raised board to make it look like it was up off the ground. I carved the cake and covered in fondant with fondant accents. I put a flashing light on the top of the engine. It was a hit at the party. The little boy … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fire Truck Cake With Gummy Bear Lights

Homemade Fire Truck Cake

This homemade fire truck cake was made for a younger boys birthday. The lights on the front of the truck actually light. I painted them with red food coloring. The other lights are actually gummy bears cut in half, they looked just like the orange and yellow lights on top of the cab. The cake … Read more