Cool Jeep Wrangler Birthday Cake

Cool Jeep Wrangler Birthday Cake

I made this Jeep Wrangler birthday cake for my husband. I’m a hobby baker and a house wife taking care of my 1 year old son. I’m originally from the Philippines and it’s my 2nd year in the USA. A month after I arrived here, I got pregnant so I never had a chance to … Read more

Coolest Jeep Birthday Cake

Coolest Jeep Birthday Cake

My husband and I are Jeepers. We love our Jeeps and love off roading. My husband likes mudding the best, so this Jeep birthday cake  is what I made for his 30th birthday! The only thing I would do differently is not slope the driver and passenger sides as much because from some angles it … Read more

Cool Jeep Groom’s Cake

Cool Jeep Groom's Cake

Well this cool Jeep groom’s cake was a very fun cake to make that is for sure. I used 2 boxes of white cake mix, a 2x8x9 in of wood for the base to hold the Jeep up high enough for the wheels. I used black Twizzlers for the top rack of the Jeep the outlining, … Read more

Coolest Jeep Cake

Homemade Jeep Cake

My cousin’s wife had a surprise 30th birthday party for him. He and his brothers have always been into Jeeping… she asked me to make him a cake. She said “Just make something JEEP” that was it.. and this is what I came up with. I put A LOT of thought into this as I … Read more

Coolest Jeep Birthday Cake

Homemade Jeep Birthday Cake

My brother in law was having his 40th birthday, and his wife asked me to make him a cake in the shape of a jeep. I wanted it to be really special, so I looked at pictures of real jeeps and the whole family helped with suggestions and ideas. The cake is a basic chocolate … Read more

Coolest Safari Wagon Cake

Safari Wagon Cake

This was for my brother’s 50th Birthday. He is an ardent game park goer and is a lion fanatic. He also loves his safari vehicle. Hence the theme of the cake. The cake itself is a rich fruit cake which is decorated with homemade fondant on the top and royal icing around the sides. The … Read more

Coolest Jeep Cake

Homemade Jeep Cake

I made this Jeep Cake for my husband, he loves jeeps. It took me 3 hours just to decor but it was fun. I used a home made recipe for white cake, and lots of butter cream icing. I bought the red and black icing because when I mixed them it always taste bitter to … Read more

Coolest Jeep Cake

Jeeps in the Mud Cake

This is a Jeep cake my son wanted last year. This cake is a bunch of Jeep hotwheels cars out having fun in the mud. I used a chocolate cake mix in a bunt pan. I cut a notch out of one side and stuffed it on the middle to fill the hole and cut … Read more

Coolest Hummer Birthday Cake

Homemade Hummer Birthday Cake

This Hummer Birthday Cake was ordered for a man who prizes his blue Hummer. Steps: 1: baked 2 batches (4 layers) of pound cake) 2: leveled, torted, filled and stacked cake 3: put cake in freezer (makes the cake less crumbly when carving) 4: printed out pictures of front, back and side of hummer to … Read more

Coolest Jeep Cake

Jeep Cake

Bake cake mix in 2 9×5 inch loaf pans and you use doughnuts for the wheels (even one on back for the spare). Use one loaf for the base of the jeep cake. From the other one, cut one half off for top of jeep. And cut the other half into 3 pieces. (2 pieces … Read more

Coolest Jeep Cake

Homemade Jeep Cake

I love making cakes. I mainly make them for my 10 kids and 8 grand kids! I’m the cake maker of the family! I’ve made Princess Castle cakes, to Elmo cakes, to trucks and Lego cakes. This Jeep Cake was made for my grandson, Mason. When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, … Read more

Jeep Cake #1

I always make homemade birthday cakes for our birthdays so for this birthday I made four 10 X 14 cake slabs (two chocolate, two white). I iced the cakes normally. I measured the cake then cut an area out for the inside of the cake. Once this was done I used some fondant and made … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jeep Cake

The Ultimate Off-Roading Cake

My boyfriend is a jeep enthusiast. So, there was no question as to what kind of cake I was going to make him. It was just the question of how. I actually got the idea of how to make the Homemade Jeep Cake from this site. I just slightly modified the set-up. I used a … Read more

Jeep Cake #2

This cake was made for a cousins 18th birthday. He happens to have a yellow jeep and seeing as we only make homemade birthday cakes for family birthdays we decided to make a jeep just like his! I started with a sheet cake and made several cupcakes and cut them in half. I frosted the … Read more

Coolest Humvee Cake

Homemade Humvee Cake

I was extremely nervous doing this Humvee Cake because I knew a lot of people would be seeing it. My husband was having a carry-in at work and asked if I could do a cake. Being that he works for AM General and Paints Humvees, I thought this would be appropriate. This cakes was made … Read more

Jeep Cake #3

This cake was fun to make. I searched many birthday cakes and this one most impressed me. I used a sheet cake for the bottom and cut 1/4 off to make the top of the vehicle. I used a picture of a Rubicon Jeep for all the detail. The wheels are chocolate doughnuts with icing … Read more

Coolest Jeep Mud Bogging Cake

Homemade Jeep Mud Bogging Cake

I saw the cake here on-line and loved the jeep design! I added roll-bars and the “spare-tire” in the back and the giant attacking spiders to for another type of thrill!. This Jeep Mud Bogging Cake only took 30 minutes to put together. Perfect for my son’s 5th birthday party!

Coolest Army Vehicle Kid Birthday Cake Ideas 0

Thanks to this site for kid birthday cake ideas. This Hummer cake was copied from other cakes on this site made with a 9×13 bottom layer topped with a 9×9 top layer (just made a pound cake recipe). I trimmed the 9×9 down to probably 9×8 to make the “hood” a bit deeper. I then … Read more

Jeep Trail Birthday Cake

Homemade Jeep Trail Birthday Cake

I made this homemade Jeep trail birthday cake for my son’s 2nd birthday party. I thought of my plan of action by baking some cupcakes and arranging them out to make a jeep trail. I used a zip lock bag to pipe out the grass, green dyed sugar to coat some frosting to look like … Read more

Coolest Army Vehicle Kid Birthday Cake Ideas 1

Bake a 9 x 13 cake and 2 8×8 cakes. Stack smaller cakes on top of each other and then on top the larger. Frost army green and add splotches of browns for camo effect. Outline with black frosting from a tube. Cut moon pies in half for tires and chocolate graham cookies for the … Read more

Coolest Jeep Birthday Cake

Homemade Jeep Birthday Cake

This Jeep Birthday Cake was made for my brother who has a 4 wheel drive just like this. It was a bit hit at his party and he was a bit hesitant to cut it! I baked 4 chocolate rectangular cakes, one large sheet cakes for the mud and 2 small rectangle cake (like you … Read more

Coolest Army Vehicle Kid Birthday Cake Ideas 2

I searched for kid birthday cake ideas until I found this hummer (which is actually an army vehicle). I baked 2 whole cakes and put strawberry filling and icing around them. I placed one layer on top of the other. I made yellow, blue, black, red and green icing (icing is easy to make).I made … Read more

Coolest Jeep Birthday Cake

Homemade Jeep Birthday Cake

We made this Homemade Jeep Birthday Cake for my son’s 14th birthday. He’s saving to buy a jeep and thought a jeep cake would be pretty cool. We baked 2 chocolate 9×4 loaf cakes and one large sheet cake for the entire project. The 2 loaf cakes leveled and stacked together made the bottom half … Read more