Coolest Car Birthday Cake Ideas and Photos 0

I made a gray for chrome and looking at pictures of the car I made the grill bumpers, Chevy symbol, door handles and outlined the windows. I used white jelly beans for the headlights and small red for the tail lights. I didnt think it looked done until I piped a steering wheel and review … Read more

Coolest Vehicle Cupcakes

Homemade Vehicle Cupcakes

These vehicle cupcakes were done for a little boy’s 4th birthday. I used buttercream icing and I had piped the cars from drawings I had copied from pictures found online.

Coolest 1970 1/2 Camaro Car Cake

Coolest 1970 1/2 Camaro Car Cake

This 1970 1/2 Camaro Car Cake is not what I had initially intended to do. I was going to do a whole 3-D real looking carved car cake, but I didn’t have the time or patience for such a task, so instead I made this one. My challenge was to make a 1970 1/2 Camaro … Read more

Coolest Car Birthday Cake Ideas and Photos 1

My friend Dad has a show car and she thought it would be cool if I could put his car onto a birthday cake. I have been doing cakes for a while but never anything this detailed without a pattern. Usually my cakes are my own creations that I can make how I want but … Read more

Coolest Bon Voyage Car Cake

Homemade Bon Voyage Car Cake

This is a Bon Voyage Car Cake I made for a friend who was moving to a different country. The cake is a moist chocolate cake baked in a rectangular pan (since I didn’t have a pan shaped like a car). To improvise, I merely sliced off the upper corners to create a silhouette of … Read more

Coolest Car Birthday Cake Ideas and Photos 2

For my sons first birthday party I decided to go with a car, planes and trains theme since he is obsessed with anything that moves! I decided to make a car birthday cake. I made a chocolate cake mix for the bottom and yellow cake mix for the top. I covered the whole cake with … Read more

Coolest Pink Car Cake

Homemade Pink Car Cake

This Pink Car Cake was made up of three sheet sponge cakes (11″x15″). The sheet cakes were all stacked on top of one another and then the edges trimmed off (and the parts that had risen) to make the cakes completely level. The car seat area was then cut out about two-thirds of the way … Read more

Coolest Peugeot Cake

Homemade Peugeot Cake

I made this Peugeot Cake for my brother’s 18th birthday. It is an exact replica of his car, a Peugeot 206, and was my first attempt at a cake. Because I was inexperienced in cake making, I only left myself a day in which to do it, and ended up rushing to complete it in … Read more

Coolest Car Birthday Cake Ideas and Photos 3

I made this car birthday cake for my cousin who wants a real beetle. I baked two 9×13 cakes and two 9in rounds. Stacked the 9x13s and cut the rounds in half and put together with icing three pieces cut side down to make the arch of the car. I carved the cake to the … Read more

Coolest 1st Birthday Car Cake

Homemade 1st Birthday Car Cake

I made this 1st Birthday Car Cake for my friend Cleo’s kid, Ivan on his first birthday. I used a 10″ round pan and cut both sides, approximately 2″ thick and placed it on top to form the hump. Inside is a choco moist cake. For filling, it’s strawberry preserves and butter frosting. Boiled icing … Read more

Coolest Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Car Birthday Cake

This homemade car birthday cake was the first cake I ever made- it was for my son’s first birthday, cars and trucks themed. In researching for this cake, I discovered this site and copied one I found almost exactly. The base was made from two layers of 12” round cake, and the middle layer was … Read more

Coolest Camaro Cake

Homemade Camaro Cake

My daughter and I baked this Chevy Camaro cake. We covered the cake in buttercream icing. Made the Chevy bowtie from fondant, found a picture of a camaro, cut out a pattern then traced it and cut it from fondant. We used Wilton Icing spray in black to give the tires and trim look shiny. … Read more

Coolest Car Birthday Cake Ideas and Photos 4

At two years old my son loved Elmo and Cars, so couldn’t decide between Elmo birthday cakes of Cars birthday cakes. After seeing cake decorating candies that had Elmos face, the thought struck me about putting his face “inside” a car. I used a 9×13 cake and cut it in half, layered it onto of … Read more

Coolest Bumble Bee Car Cake

Homemade Bumble Bee Car Cake

This Bumble Bee car cake is a butter cake made for my 1 year old son’s birthday. First attempt, not completely happy with frosting (Vienna creme) but can live with for first attempt. Extra edible bits to the car include: Licorice bumpers front and back, as well as trim, door handles, rear vision mirrors and … Read more

Coolest Car Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Car Birthday Cake Design

For my son’s first birthday I decided to go with a theme of ‘cars’. I didn’t want to go too ‘theme’ crazy so I decided to stay away from characters etc. and made a Car Birthday Cake Design. I used the Wilton 3D cruiser pan. It took a couple of tries (3) to get the … Read more

Coolest Homemade 2D Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Car Birthday Cake

This Car Birthday Cake was made with butter cream icing (for the glue) and fondant. It took me about 8 hours to complete this cake including baking. I used an airbrush machine to color the cake and I mixed a tad of black icing gel into white fondant to get the grey/silver for the mag … Read more

Coolest Car Birthday Cake Ideas and Photos 5

My son loved cars right from an early age so for his first birthday I thought I would make him a Beetle’ car birthday cake. (His grandmother had sent him a ‘beetle’ which was his favorite). I made a round sponge cake and cut a bit off each side to make a rectangle. I used … Read more

Coolest Transportation Birthday Cake

Homemade Transportation Birthday Cake

I found my inspiration for this Transportation Birthday Cake on this website. It was car #16, so thank you for the great idea!! I just added a variety of vehicles because our theme encompassed more than just cars. I used Wilton cookie cutters for the vehicles on the sides of the cake. I added my … Read more

Coolest 1960 Cadillac Cake Design

Homemade 1960 Cadillac Cake Design

This 1960 Cadillac Cake Design was made for my father-in-law’s 60th birthday. Appropriately , it is derived from his pride and joy, his 1960 Cadillac. The bottom is carrot cake, dirty iced with cream cheese icing with a hint of walnut flavor added, and is covered in blue marshmallow fondant. The Cadillac is shaped out … Read more

Coolest Car Cake

Homemade Car Cake

I started by making the car on the Homemade Car Cake. My son’s wife e mailed me some pictures of their car so I could make it out of icing. I started with a small block of white icing and added some flower paste icing this helps the icing to harden. I kneaded this well … Read more