Coolest Transportation Birthday Cake

Homemade Transportation Birthday Cake

I found my inspiration for this Transportation Birthday Cake on this website. It was car #16, so thank you for the great idea!! I just added a variety of vehicles because our theme encompassed more than just cars. I used Wilton cookie cutters for the vehicles on the sides of the cake. I added my … Read more

Coolest 1960 Cadillac Cake Design

Homemade 1960 Cadillac Cake Design

This 1960 Cadillac Cake Design was made for my father-in-law’s 60th birthday. Appropriately , it is derived from his pride and joy, his 1960 Cadillac. The bottom is carrot cake, dirty iced with cream cheese icing with a hint of walnut flavor added, and is covered in blue marshmallow fondant. The Cadillac is shaped out … Read more

Coolest Car Cake

Homemade Car Cake

I started by making the car on the Homemade Car Cake. My son’s wife e mailed me some pictures of their car so I could make it out of icing. I started with a small block of white icing and added some flower paste icing this helps the icing to harden. I kneaded this well … Read more

The Coolest Transportation Cake

Homemade Transportation Cake

I made this Transportation Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. He loves cars, tucks and wheels. I baked a sandwich cake (vanilla cake) and when cooled butter cream frosting in the middle and then covered the whole cake with vanilla icing. I used fondant for the decoration, cut different colors and shapes of trucks and … Read more

Coolest Red Hot Car Cake

Homemade Red Hot Car Cake

We made this Red Hot Car Cake to celebrate our son’s 17th birthday. As he was taking his 1st driving lesson on his birthday a car seemed to be the most appropriate design to make. We sculpted the car from 2 homemade sandwich cakes and used butter cream and strawberry jam to fill. The centre … Read more

Coolest VW Car Cake

Homemade VW Car Cake

This is my first 3D car cake. I have no idea what to do then I searched online and found this site which is useful. Now it’s my turn to share my experience. For this VW Car Cake I used pound cake. And use 3D cruiser car pan by Wilton then craft a little bit … Read more

Coolest 1951 Woody Car Cake

Homemade 1951 Woody Car Cake

This 1951 Woody Car cake was a peanut butter cake, with peanut butter frosting (for the wood) and tinted buttercream icing for the remainder. The details were all formed from fondant. The sand is fondant and brown sugar. To make the wood grain on the fondant door trim, I brushed it with melted chocolate.

Easy Homemade Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Car Birthday Cake

This car cake was really easy to make. It was for my four year old son who is crazy about cars. I baked one yellow cake mix in 2 loaf pans. Once baked I cut each one of the loaves in half. I placed the other loaf rounded side down on a tray, and used … Read more

Coolest Toyota Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Toyota Car Birthday Cake

This Toyota Car Birthday Cake was my first ever 3d cake and I was so nervous while doing it. I made this cake for my husband’s 30th birthday. He recently bought a Toyota Axio and I thought it would be fun to surprise him with a cake of that exact car. I made it with … Read more