Coolest M&M Race Car Cake

Coolest M&M Race Car Cake

I asked my (soon to be) 5 year old son what kind of birthday cake he wanted. He had just learned of NASCAR and like most kids Kyle Busch in the M&M car was his favorite and that’s what he wanted. I have just started decorating cakes a couple years ago so every cake i … Read more

Not-A-Lot-Of-Thought Race Car Cake

Not-A-Lot-Of-Thought Race Car Cake

I wasn’t too sure about how to make a race car cake for my son’s 6 year old birthday party, which was being held at an arcade with a big slot car race track, and debated for a long time about just using a form pan. In the end, I decided to wing it. The … Read more

Colorful Homemade Race Car Cake

Coolest Race Car Cake

For my son’s 2nd birthday, I had a transportation party. I made a fire truck cake, a race car cake and a train cake. This was the race car cake. I bought a Wilton race car mold which made it easy. I used the homemade white cake recipe I always use from the Better Homes … Read more

Coolest Racing Car Cake

Homemade Racing Car Cake

This Racing Car Cake was made by me, for my son Kobe for his 2nd birthday, January 2009. He loves cars so it was the right choice. The cake was a made using a novelty car cake tin. The cake was covered with roll out fondant. I also used roll out fondant to make the … Read more

Coolest NASCAR Cake


We baked this NASCAR Cake in layers at the Knoxville airport, using over 30 gallons of icing. The cake was presented to Dale Earnhardt at the Food City 500 in Bristol Tn. Dale thought it was one of his showcars. We used NASCAR templates to get the dimensions perfect. This cake helped launch my patented … Read more

Coolest Race Car Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 0

My husband is a big Dale Earnhardt fan so I decided to give him a #3 birthday party. This cake is made from a race car cake pan and I ordered the edible decals on line. It makes it easier to look at a race car picture while creating the cake. This was a great … Read more

Coolest Homemade NASCAR Birthday Cakes – Race Tracks 4

For my sons first birthday party we decided to have a racing theme party. First I found a cake tin that was in the shape of a racecar. They also had the edible decals so that it would look like a real NASCAR. I always make sure to have 3 separate kids birthday cakes at … Read more

Coolest Race Car Cake Ideas 8

I designed nascar cakes with the race fan in mind. I used my horseshoe pan from Wilton to make the track. To make the blacktop I used black colored sugar from Wilton and piled it more on the back stretch. I visited the Nascar collectors section in the store and purchased 2 collector series die … Read more

Coolest Homemade NASCAR Cakes 0

I decided to do a car theme for my son Nathans second birthday since he just “loves” anything to do with cars. I searched this site for Nascar cakes and this is what I made. I used the Wilton 3-D Cruiser pan and I didn’t get quite enough batter in the pan so I didn’t … Read more

Coolest Racer Race Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Racer Race Car Birthday Cake

For my son’s fifth birthday he requested a Mach 5 race car from the Speed Racer movie. I was a little nervous at first but I was very proud of the end result of this Racer Race Car Birthday Cake. I made the cake using 2 – 13×9 cakes (2 box cake mixes). I layered … Read more

Coolest Model Modified Dirt Track Race Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Model Modified Dirt Track Race Car Birthday Cake

My son and I love racing. We especially love going to the local dirt track and enjoying a Saturday together. He’s turning 9 on Monday and we are having a big shin dig. He’s getting a go kart to start practicing his driving skills for his birthday. Maybe next year will be his rookie racing … Read more

Coolest Race Car Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 1

The emblem on this cake will need at least 48 hours to dry and harden so plan accordingly and make the emblem plenty of time in advance. You can use my race car picture or a race car picture from the internet to help you while you do this. I used regular boxed cake mixes … Read more

Coolest Race Car Cake Ideas 9

I used a NASCAR Race car cake shaped pan to make this cake. It was decorated using a Dale Earnhardt Jr. collectible die-cast car as a model. Everything was done freehand using buttercream frosting.

Coolest Nascar Birthday Cake 60

Homemade Nascar Birthday Cake I made this NASCAR birthday cake for my friends son’s birthday. He absolutely loves NASCAR’s. The car is made from pound cake and covered with fondant and the track is white and chocolate cake. The sides are fondant and the top is homemade butter cream. Once assembled the car sits on … Read more

Coolest Racing Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Racing Car Birthday Cake

This Racing Car Birthday Cake is from the Debbie Brown book “50 Easy Party Cakes”. I wouldn’t call it easy but it was the first fancy cake I have ever made so I am happy with how it turned out. It starts from a 25cm square cake. cut in half. One half is for the … Read more

Coolest Nascar-Inspired Birthday Cake

Homemade Nascar-Inspired Birthday Cake

My dad is a huge NASCAR enthusiast, so for his birthday I wanted to make him a special cake that incorporated his favorite driver – Matt Kenseth. This particular year, Kenseth was driving a purple Crown Royal car, so that was my focus. I started out with two rectangle cakes stacked on top of one … Read more

Coolest Race Car Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 2

I created this Race Car picture cake as a birthday cake. I wanted to use the NASCAR cake kit with all the emblems of the sponsors but I didn’t have enough time to order it. I used a car cake pan and frosted with yellow and black frosting. I think it turned out pretty good.

Coolest Homemade NASCAR Birthday Cakes – Race Tracks 6

I began by looking on internet for a race car picture and ideas. I saw several different race track cakes, and began with that basic design. I had to make an extra long cake board, by cutting 11×13 in half and taping on to another 11×13 (two layers of boards were used). I covered the … Read more

Coolest Formula One Birthday Cake 57

Homemade Formula One Birthday Cake Homemade Formula One Birthday Cake This Formula One Birthday Cake was made for my sons best friend, who is a motor mechanic and loves Formula 1 racing. The cake was made from Madeira sponge slab, cut to shape and put together with jam and cream filling. The cake was covered … Read more

Cool Homemade Car Scene Cake

Homemade Car Cake

At one and a half, my son was in love with three things: cars, trucks and buses. His love was so great that I just had to give him a car-themed party for his 2nd birthday. My sister got me some car-shaped cake molds and that inspired me to make the cake car-themed as well. … Read more

Coolest Peter Brock Racing Car Cake

Homemade Peter Brock Racing Car Cake

This Peter Brock Racing Car cake is a cake I made earlier this year for a friend’s son’s birthday. The little boy, Brock was turning 5 and his dad is a mad Peter Brock racing fan. Since Peter Brock’s racing number was 5, this was the only year they could do this cake. I made … Read more

Coolest Race Car Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 3

This turned out to be one of those tricky race car picture cakes because I didnt use a car-shaped pan. I made if for my grandchild. It is a rather funny, but cute cake, modeled after a ’69 Mustang. I enjoyed doing this and my son, Daniel, 16, helped me with the logistics of it. … Read more