Coolest Racing Car Cake

Homemade Race Car Cake

I started by making a 2 rectangle cakes, one a chocolate sponge and the other a Victoria sponge. For the base of the race car cake I melted 3 bars of dark chocolate in a glass bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Using an icing knife I spread the melted chocolate over the entire … Read more

Coolest Homemade 3D Hot Wheels Cake

Homemade Hot Wheels Cake

My son is a HUGE fan of Hot Wheels. That was the theme he wanted for his party, and he wanted a Hot Wheels racer for his cake. This Hot Wheels Cake was made with the Wilton car pan, and covered and decorated with fondant. The exhausts coming out of the hood were all hand … Read more

Coolest Race Car Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 7

The sponge is chiffon cake. I baked the base cake in a lasagna dish and carved the corner. For the race car part, I baked in a pound cake pan and carved into the sports car shape. For the tires, I used black licorice. Filling is apricot layer plus heavy whipping cream (vanilla). For the … Read more

Coolest Race Car Cake Ideas 1

Our Elementary School PTA sponsors a “Cake Walk” as a fundraiser during our school fair. The children have an opportunity to win a cake. This is one of the cakes I made for this years cake walk. It is a race car cake made with a Wilton cake mold and Wilton Icing tubes fitted with … Read more

Easy Homemade Racing Car Cake

Homemade Green Racing Car Cake 34

I made this racing car cake for a boy’s fifth birthday. The cake itself was just a plain butter cake mix I made up, then I cut a slice off the side and made that into a smaller square and placed on top. Then I trimmed the sides of the top piece on a sloping … Read more

Coolest Ferrari Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Ferrari Birthday Cake Design

I made this Homemade Ferrari Birthday Cake Design for a boy in love with cards, so I wanted it to be really special. As you may or may not have seen on this website, there is a method called icing transfer that helps you to create images that onto cakes by copying image on wax … Read more

Coolest Race Car Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 8

I made this cake for my sons 7th birthday. He was into Hot wheels at the time and I was really having a hard time deciding what cake to make. So, I made three 9×13 cakes, placed them next to each other on a cake board, and hoped for the best. The Lord blessed my … Read more

Coolest Race Car Cake Ideas 2

My oldest son loves hot wheels cars so we had a Hot Wheels party. I intended to make a 3-D car cake but that attempt failed. My second idea to make a race car cake worked well and was much easier. I baked a cake mix in a 9×13 pan and noticed when I removed … Read more

Cool Homemade Racing Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Racing Car Birthday Cake

I used a Wilton race car cake pan to make this Racing Car birthday cake. The race car details are very hard to see, once the cake is baked and comes out of the pan, so I just referred back to the cake pan to see where the wheels were and to outline the car. … Read more

Coolest F1 Car Birthday Cake

Homemade F1 Car Birthday Cake

I made a simple Madeira cake for this F1 Car Birthday Cake and cut the shape out. I used jam and buttercream for the middle of the cake and simple sugarpaste icing on top of the cake. The cake took quite some time to decorate however it was worth it as it was for my … Read more

Coolest Race Car Picture Cakes and How-To Tips 9

I prepared this kids birthday cake using a car shape pan. I then decorated it using a photo of Mark Martins car to get the design right. I always let my kids choose the theme of their cake. This is the first kids birthday cake I have done using a shaped pan.s car to get … Read more

Coolest Race Car Cake Ideas 3

I made this race car cake for my boyfriends mom whose favorite NASCAR driver is Tony Stewart. I used Wilton’s NASCAR cake pan. I used a white cake mix and put half of it in another bowl and added a packet of orange jelly then marbled the orange and white in the pan. I outlined … Read more