Coolest Homemade Cowgirl Birthday Cake Tutorial

Coolest Cowgirl Birthday Cake

My friend asked me to make this cowgirl birthday cake for her daughter’s 6th birthday. Actually, she asks me to make a cake for her daughter’s birthday every year since I love doing it and she hates it. So, for her 6th birthday, her daughter had a cowgirl party and wanted a chocolate raspberry cake … Read more

Coolest Western Themed Birthday Cakes

My sons opted to have a joint birthday celebration with a Western Bull Riding theme. They even had mechanical bulls to ride at the party. I created this cake after searching the internet for inspiration.  They each had their own individual round cake, topped with fondant accessories. Jake had a cowboy hat, and Josh a … Read more

Cancer Free Celebration Cake for a Cowboy

Cancer Free Celebration Cake for a Cowboy

This cake was made to celebrate our pastor’s youngest son’s declaration of being cancer free after 3 years of wonderful treatment at St. Judes for leukemia.  Isn’t that cause for celebration YES!  And he LOVES to watch those cowboys stay on til the end!  So we thought it appropriate to celebrate the Lord’s blessing with … Read more

Cowboy Cake

Cowboy Cake

This is the third cake I’ve done so I’m no master at it but it was a lot of fun making this cowboy cake. This cake was inspired for my son’s 2nd birthday party: a pony ride party at a horse farm! I had some ideas but checked the web and got some other cool … Read more

Coolest Cowgirl Cakes

Homemade Cowgirl Cakes

I made these cowgirl cakes for my twin girls. They were having a horsie/cowgirl party for their third birthday. I used the Wilton Wonder Mold Pan. You need to use 1 and a half cake mixes. If you use 2 mixes, it will never cook on the inside and the outside will burn. I bought … Read more

Cool Homemade Cowgirl Cake

Homemade Cowgirl Cake

This cowgirl cake was made to match a invitation from This cowgirl/petting zoo birthday party was for a friend’s little girl. First, I scanned the invitation and increased the size of it to fit on the cake. I iced the 12 x 18 in buttercream, let it sit for 10 minutes to form a … Read more

Coolest Cowboy Birthday Cake

Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cake

We made two smaller Gluten Free Pound Cakes and crumb coated them with cream cheese frosting, filling in the gap. Then I applied home made “marshmallow” fondant that was very yummy and also gluten free. Some characters such as the pistols, bandana, rope and stars were simply kneaded with food coloring and molded. This gave … Read more

Coolest Cowboy Roundup Cake

Homemade Cowboy Roundup Cake

I made this double chocolate Cowboy Roundup Cake cake for my nephew Tyler’s 6th birthday tomorrow. I made a 9×13″ for the bottom and a 6″ round for the top. It’s frosted with buttercream icing. I piped the fence around the side first with Wiltons #47 tip then applied the grass with the #233. The … Read more

Coolest Cowboy Cake Using Wilton Clown Pan

Coolest Cowboy Cakes

I used the Wilton Juggling Clown Pan and shaved off the hair and tie seeing as I could not find a pan for cowboy cakes. I used tip #16 to cover most of the cake with stars then trimmed the cake with tip #13, making a rope lasso and tip #18 on top of the … Read more