Coolest Toilet Seat Horseshoe Cake

Horseshoe Cake 1

Myself and my caking partner were contacted by a customer about doing a baby shower cake. The client sent us a picture of what she was wanting, it was a 10″ square cake covered in green fondant with white polka dots and on top of that was a horseshoe shaped cake covered in a cow print fondant.  … Read more

Coolest Horseshoe Cake

Homemade Horseshoe Cake

I made this Horseshoe Cake for my younger sister’s 13th birthday. She loves horses and I knew this would be perfect for her. I started out by baking one 8in cake and one 6in cake. I allowed them both to cool before turning them out on cardboard. I covered them both with white frosting, while … Read more

Coolest Country Horseshoe Birthday Cake

Homemade Country Horseshoe Birthday Cake

I designed this Country Horseshoe Birthday Cake for my brother’s 50th birthday. This 9″ two layer cake is basic chocolate with cream cheese filling and basic white frosting on top. After a lot of experimenting with chocolate, both dark and baker’s, along with rice crispy treats, I decided to make the “horseshoe” and the “50” … Read more

Coolest Horseshoe Wilton Cake Decorating Ideas 0

My daughter, like most girls her age, is horse crazy and wanted to have a horse themed birthday. We had a barn party where everyone got to ride horses, etc, and I made this horseshoe horse cake. This horse cake is a single layer horseshoe baked in the Wilton cake decorating horseshoe pan. I didnt … Read more