Coolest Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cake Ideas 1

I am from Oregon and my Grandpa is in Montana. As my grandpa was a pastor I was honored to have him come perform my wedding ceremony. A year later I got the honor of doing his grooms cake. My step grandma requested a six tier wedding cake that was next to impossible to do … Read more

Cool Homemade Cowgirl Hat Cake

Homemade Cowgirl Hat Cake

This Cowgirl hat cake is a 15″ double layer cake with the hat made of one solid rice crispy treat shaped into a hat. I shaped it and put into the fridge to harden. I think if I make this again I will make the hat a bit smaller, because it softened up and wasn’t … Read more

Coolest Homemade Western Birthday Cakes 2

I made the two western birthday cakes for a boy and girls birthday theme party. The cowgirl is the general doll cake made in a glass bowl with red licorice to make a lasso and a Barbie cowboy hat. The boot cake was made in a regular 9×12 pan and cut in the shape of … Read more

Coolest Cactus Cake Decorating Tips 1

This is inspired from Colettes cake decorating tips . This is a sports ball pan from Wilton and covered in star tip in a dusty green royal icing. I used chocolate graham crackers crumbled up for the “dirt” and a gum paste fantasy flower. My cactus flower did not dry in enough time.Of course everything … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cake Ideas 2

I had searched high and low for a cake design that I liked for my sons 8th birthday. We had already decided on a cowboy theme for the party. I decided on a tiered cowboy birthday cake because I had a lot of ideas and couldn’t narrow it down. My husband says that I watch … Read more

Coolest Cowgirl Hat Cake

Homemade Cowgirl Hat Cake

My daughter’s 3rd birthday was a cowgirl party, so of course I had to make her a homemade cowgirl hat cake! For the hat, I used (3) 8 inch round cakes… I used Wilton’s cake release all over the pan before pouring in the batter (make sure to cool it COMPLETELY before attempting to remove … Read more

Coolest Homemade Western Birthday Cakes 3

My sons school had a western theme for this school year so I had to make western birthday cakes. He picked a cowboy boot for his cake to take to school. I got the basic idea from After seeing the original there I used my own cake recipe and frosting recipe and basically just … Read more

Coolest Cowboy Bandana Birthday Cake

Homemade Cowboy Bandana Birthday Cake

This Homemade Cowboy Bandana Birthday Cake is a very simple, but “Cool” cake that I made for my 4 year-old son’s cowboy birthday party. The cake was made to resemble the paisley pattern on the red handkerchiefs that cowboys wear around their necks. It is a 14″ round 2-layered cake with white buttercream icing between … Read more

Coolest Cowboy Hat Cake Design

Homemade  Cowboy Hat Cake Design

My masseuse Gitta was turning 45 and for her birthday she was off on a horse riding adventure in the States! So, what was more appropriate for her birthday than a Cowboy Hat Cake Design! To make this cake I stacked 2 oval shaped cakes on top of one another and carved the top one … Read more

Coolest Homemade Western Birthday Cakes 4

My co-worker who LOVES cowboy boots, wanted a western birthday cakes scene so I made a boot. I actually took a photo of the actual boot she wanted from a website and made the cake from that! I made a template from plain paper and traced the shape onto the cake which was made in … Read more

Coolest Cowboy Hat Birthday Cake

Homemade Cowboy Hat Birthday Cake

I made this Cowboy Hat birthday cake with 2 9 inch round cakes. The brim of the cake was made with marshmallow fondant. I had an old hat that my father in law gave my husband and I put plastic wrap over it and rolled out a thin 1/8″ round of fondant, and laid the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cakes 0

I made this cake for my dads 60th birthday. I searched this site for cowboy birthday cakes and this is what I made. The brim is rolled fondant cut to fit over the brim of an overturned cowboy hat covered in wax paper and left to dry for two days. The top part is an … Read more

Coolest Horseshoe Cake

Homemade Horseshoe Cake

I made this Horseshoe Cake for my younger sister’s 13th birthday. She loves horses and I knew this would be perfect for her. I started out by baking one 8in cake and one 6in cake. I allowed them both to cool before turning them out on cardboard. I covered them both with white frosting, while … Read more

Cowboy Cake

Cowboy Cake

This is the third cake I’ve done so I’m no master at it but it was a lot of fun making this cowboy cake. This cake was inspired for my son’s 2nd birthday party: a pony ride party at a horse farm! I had some ideas but checked the web and got some other cool … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cakes 1

I used natural white cake that was baked in an oven safe glass bowl. Then I used a thin layer of buttercream frosting before I applied the fondant. I used foil rolled up and covered in a paper towel to shape the fondant how I wanted it. Then I let the rim of my hat … Read more

Coolest Country Horseshoe Birthday Cake

Homemade Country Horseshoe Birthday Cake

I designed this Country Horseshoe Birthday Cake for my brother’s 50th birthday. This 9″ two layer cake is basic chocolate with cream cheese filling and basic white frosting on top. After a lot of experimenting with chocolate, both dark and baker’s, along with rice crispy treats, I decided to make the “horseshoe” and the “50” … Read more

Coolest Cowgirl Cakes

Homemade Cowgirl Cakes

I made these cowgirl cakes for my twin girls. They were having a horsie/cowgirl party for their third birthday. I used the Wilton Wonder Mold Pan. You need to use 1 and a half cake mixes. If you use 2 mixes, it will never cook on the inside and the outside will burn. I bought … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cakes 2

These are what is called pull-apart-cakes which are just cupcakes stuck side by side in any shape and iced and decorated like you would a cake minus the sides. I searched clipart for the pictures I wanted. After I found the right pictures I shaped the cupcakes and iced with white icing. I then took … Read more

Coolest Horseshoe Wilton Cake Decorating Ideas 0

My daughter, like most girls her age, is horse crazy and wanted to have a horse themed birthday. We had a barn party where everyone got to ride horses, etc, and I made this horseshoe horse cake. This horse cake is a single layer horseshoe baked in the Wilton cake decorating horseshoe pan. I didnt … Read more

Cool Homemade Cowgirl Cake

Homemade Cowgirl Cake

This cowgirl cake was made to match a invitation from This cowgirl/petting zoo birthday party was for a friend’s little girl. First, I scanned the invitation and increased the size of it to fit on the cake. I iced the 12 x 18 in buttercream, let it sit for 10 minutes to form a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cakes 3

I made this cake for a western evening at my local dance club. As with most of the cakes that I make; we raffled it off and raised money for our club funds. I covered the board with a thin layer of fondant and allowed this to dry. Next I rolled out a shape to … Read more

Coolest Western Saddle Cake

Western Saddle Cake

I made this Western Saddle Cake for a little girl who was getting a leopard saddle for her 9th birthday. I made a white square and round cakes and stacked them. Bale of hay was made from rice krispie treats, cut to size. I used the grass tip to put the hay details on. Saddle … Read more

Coolest Bucking Bull Cake

Homemade Bucking Bull Cake

My 2 year old wanted a “bucking Bull” cake for his 3rd birthday. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything like he wanted. He and I spent hours looking at “cow” cakes on line and nothing was what he wanted. So, his father and I put our heads together. We found a picture of my … Read more