Baseball Cap

Red Sox Hat Cake

My friend Julie and I made this hat cake for our supervisor who adores the Red Sox. The base is a 10″ square iced and covered in white fondant. The hat is half of a Wilton’s sports ball pan and an 8″ round shaped down to match the half ball shape about 1.5″ cut off … Read more

Coolest Yankees Baseball Cap Birthday Cake

Homemade Yankees Baseball Cap Birthday Cake

I made this Yankees Baseball Cap Birthday Cake for my son’s 11th birthday party. He was home at the time I was working on it but didn’t want to see it until it was all done. After working on it for several hours, I told him he could come into the kitchen to see it. … Read more

Coolest Boston Red Socks Cap Birthday Cake

Homemade Boston Red Socks Cap Birthday Cake

My friend Blair loves the Redsocks. So I wanted to surprise him for his birthday and make him a Boston Red Socks Cap Birthday Cake. I found a few ideas on this site but like any cake you modify it as you go. I baked a cake in a 9inch Pyrex glass bowl. I read … Read more

Coolest Texas Longhorns Baseball Cap

Homemade Texas Longhorns Baseball Cap

It’s my hubby’s birthday so I thought I would give another try to a Texas Longhorns Baseball Cap. I made one other previously and I ended up doing everything the same with the exception of the bill. I made a cake in the Wilton 1/2 soccer ball pan and iced it in buttercream and topped … Read more

Coolest Baseball Hat Birthday Cake

Texas Ranger Baseball Hat Birthday Cake

My father is a big Texas Ranger Baseball fan so I decided to make him a baseball hat birthday cake for his birthday. This turned out to be a very simple cake, I took two 8 inch round cakes and sculpted very slightly to make the shape of the hat, then covered it in fondant. … Read more

Cool Homemade Baseball Cap Cake

Homemade Baseball Cap Cake

My friend is a huge Dodgers and Raiders fan so for his birthday I wanted to make him a special Baseball Cap cake. He kind of mentioned that he wanted a Dodgers hat cake, so I set out to figure out how to make one. I looked on this site for some clever ideas-which of … Read more

Coolest Atlanta Braves Baseball Hat Cake

Homemade Atlanta Braves Baseball Hat Cake

This Atlanta Braves Baseball Hat Cake is my first cake of this style. The cake is vanilla. I used one recipe of batter. I filled 2 8″ cake pans. I leveled each cake, and used the domes to complete the baseball hat shape. I used a real cap as a constant guide. I iced with … Read more