Coolest Celtics Cake

Homemade Celtics Cake

My friend asked if I would try to make a Celtics Cake for her husband John. Hesitantly, I agreed. It was my first time decorating a cake like this. I baked two 14″ round cakes since it needed to feed a lot of people. I used Fondant and discovered it really was easy to do! … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Cake Ideas 9

This basketball cake may look hard, but really it wasnt that bad! The base of the basketball cake is a 9×13 cake, covered in fondant and “painted” with food coloring to look like the hardwood gym floor. Then, I baked a half ball cake, covered that in fondant and “painted” the details on. Then, shaped … Read more

Coolest Chicago Bears Cake

Homemade Chicago Bears Cake

After trying to come up with a unique birthday present for my die-hard-bears-fan-father, I decided to attempt my first encounter with a fondant cake. I read a few “How To’s” and headed to my local craft store to purchase my supplies (now I know why professional cakes cost so much). The cake consists of 2-10″ … Read more

Coolest Basketball Cake 39

Homemade Basketball Cake

I made this basketball cake for my cousin’s birthday last week. He’s such a huge fan of basketball. And I thought why don’t I try to surprise him with my cake. And I did it and the result is there, he was surprised. For the ball, I made it from the Wilton sports pan and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Cake Ideas 10

I made this basketball cake for my sons 4th birthday because he loves basketball. I made this from no pattern, just out of the top of my head. I used already made icing and just added the colouring. I then got a knife and did lines on it so it looked like floorboards. The backboards … Read more

Coolest KU Basketball Birthday Cake

Homemade Basketball Birthday Cake

My husband is a big fan of KU Basketball, and since his birthday is in March – March Madness and his love for Jayhawks inspired this basketball birthday cake. I used a chocolate cake recipe from Epicurious. I made 3 layers of the cake and frosted with seedless raspberry jam and whipped bittersweet chocolate ganache … Read more

Coolest Basketball Jersey Cake

Homemade Basketball Jersey Cake

My sister asked me to make a Kobe Bryant jersey cake. I told her just a jersey isn’t challenging enough, I like to push it over the top. So this is the Homemade Basketball Jersey Cake I built. The wood floor is vanilla sponge with vanilla pudding filling, the fondant was hand painted with a … Read more

Coolest Basketball Jersey And Ball Birthday Cake

Homemade Basketball Jersey And Ball Birthday Cake

This Basketball Jersey And Ball Birthday Cake was for my son on his 11th birthday. It was a total of 4 cakes. Chocolate, triple chocolate, strawberry, and funfetti. I baked two cakes in a 13×9 cookie sheet for the base of the cake. After baking those cakes, I let them cool then put both cakes … Read more

Coolest Basketball Theme Cake

Homemade Basketball Theme Cake

This Basketball theme cake was made for my son’s birthday. The hat was made from the mini ball pan. The brim was fondant with a little tylose powder added to it. I let the brim sit over night so it can harden. The jersey was just fondant. I printed out a jersey template for the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Cakes 0

My son’s first and my daughter’s fourth birthday parties were held together since their birthdays are three days apart. So having to make two cakes I was able to make quite a few of the decorations in advance. A week or so before the party I traced images from the plates and napkins to create … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Basketball Birthday Cake

Homemade Basketball Birthday Cake

This basketball cake was made for Inbar’s 5th birthday. He loves basketball and is a fan of the Israeli team Maccabi Tel Aviv, who’s colors are yellow and blue. The cake is a chocolate cake, any chocolate cake will do, as long as it is baked in a half ball cake tray. It’s topped with … Read more

Coolest 8th Birthday Basketball Cake

Homemade 8th Birthday Basketball Cake

When I asked my grandson what he wanted for his 8th birthday cake, he responded “a basketball cake”. “Basketball, I can do that I replied.” “Wait Nana, let me tell you exactly what I want” and he did. He went on to say that he wanted a gym floor, two posts with hoops, a scoreboard … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Cakes 1

I made this cake for the two year-old son of one my co-workers. I was told it was the centerpiece of his birthday party and everyone wanted to know who makes such fantastic basketball cakes! I made the basketball using a sports ball cake pan and buttercream icing tinted the exact color of an actual … Read more

Coolest Basketball Birthday Cake

Homemade Basketball Birthday Cake

I made this Basketball Birthday Cake for my little sister’s best friend, Ann. They had a joint graduation party and I made a cake for each of them. She played basketball through middle school and high school, so I thought this would be the perfect cake for her. I cooked 1 cake mix (Funfetti) for … Read more

Coolest University of Louisville Cardinals Basketball Cake

Homemade  University of Louisville Cardinals Basketball Cake

This University of Louisville Cardinals Basketball Cake was made for my uncle…a die hard U of L fan! The backboard was a 13×9 cake and the ball was the Wilton’s sports ball cake! They were both crumb coated to prevent crumbs! The backboard was final iced with a white homemade butter cream. The cardinal icon … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Cakes 2

This cake was made from a sheet cake and soccer ball pan. The soccer ball was placed on top of the middle of the sheet cake then the sheet cake was cut around and away so that the ball seemed higher than the rest of the cake. The ball was starred so that it would … Read more

Coolest NBA Spurs Cake

Homemade NBA Spurs Cake

This NBA Spurs Cake is a 9 inch round cake pan made in double layers with frosting in the middle. I used a double batch of cake batter to make the cake larger. Basic buttercream frosting coats the cake. The Spurs logo is an edible image framed in buttercream piping. Easy cake to decorate. A … Read more

Coolest Sports Cake

Homemade Sports Cake

A friend from church asked me to make a cake for her husband’s 60th b-day. She wanted a golf and basketball theme since those are his favorite sports. I had a horrible time finding a way to combine them! I looked for hours online, trying to find some ideas. This is a combination of ideas … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Cakes 3

I made this cake for my sons end of the year basketball party. I used a 16X20 Wilton’s cake pan and the Wilton’s six ball pan. I traced the t-shirt onto the cake and used the star tip all over it with the Wilton’s butter cream recipe for frosting. I placed one ball on the … Read more

Cool Homemade Basketball Cake

Homemade Basketball Cake

My daughter’s team, the Jayhawks, was in the playoffs so I made them this basketball cake. I used a basic chocolate cake mix and used buttercream frosting for the filling. The bottom cake is 2 10″ cakes and the tops is an 8″. I used dowels and a cardboard round to stack them. I frosted … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Cake Ideas 0

This is a 9×13 basketball cake. I made it a day ahead then froze it. When you freeze your cake it is easy to cut out shapes. I cut a little off both sides where the arms would be and then cut a vee for the neck. I frosted it with white frosting and used … Read more

Coolest Utah Jazz Basketball Cake

Homemade Utah Jazz Basketball Cake

I did a Utah Jazz Basketball Cake for a client’s daughter. It turned out really well. The logo is made out of homemade fondant along with all the basketballs and detail work. It was a marble cake with a chocolate pudding filling. The white icing is made from homemade butter cream recipe that is my … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Cake Ideas 1

This is two 1/4th sheet cakes one chocolate and one yellow. This was a basketball cake my granddaughter wanted for her birthday as she is an avid ballplayer. The icing is a creamed icing. I take 1 stick butter and 1/2cup shortening and cream. Then I add a 2lb. bag confectionary sugar a little at … Read more