Coolest Homemade Bowling Sports Theme Cakes 6

I had to think of some sports theme cakes for my son seeing as we had a bowling alley birthday party. He loves chocolate and his favorite color is blue. You could change the colors to fit your childs preference. I made the bowling pins from fondant and the blue is just carefully painted on … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bowling Birthday Cake

Homemade Bowling Birthday Cake

We recently had a small bowling party for our daughter, and this Homemade Bowling Birthday Cake was a hit! We started with a 9×13 cake. For the frosting, I made a One Minute Caramel Frosting that I found a recipe for on the web. Once it completely cooled, I gently folded in about 2 tbsp. … Read more

Coolest Bowling Cake

Homemade Bowling Cake

Our daughter decided she wanted to take her friends bowling for her 8th birthday. Then she really, really, really wanted a bowling cake! We have done special cakes for our kids since their first birthdays. How hard could a bowling cake be? Turns out it was not that hard. It was our first try at … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bowling Sports Theme Cakes 8

What a FUN, EASY Bowling birthday cake!! First I baked a regular, double layer 10 inch round cake and frosted it with Mavericks favorite color, blue. Then I baked another cake using the Wilton ball cake pan. I doweled the ball cake on top of the blue cake and frosted it with black buttercream. To … Read more

Cool Homemade Bowling Ball Birthday Cake

Homemade Bowling Ball Birthday Cake

My girlfriend and I made this Bowling Ball Birthday Cake for her uncle’s 50th birthday party. We have been creating cakes together for about 3 months now…but this ended up being the most ambitious by far! The original idea started with just doing a rectangular sheet cake and putting a bowling lane on the top. … Read more

Coolest Bowling Lane Birthday Cake

Homemade Bowling Lane Birthday Cake

This Homemade Bowling Lane Birthday Cake was for my daughter’s 8th birthday at a bowling alley. First try with fondant. I used gumballs for the bowling balls, licorice for the gutters and created the candles with fondant and placed real candles in the center. Such fun.

Coolest Homemade Bowling Sports Theme Cakes 9

This was a very easy cake to make. I found the idea for it on Family Funs website and I expanded on the idea. My 6-year-old was having his party at a bowling alley. I made each side of the lane a different type of cake to connect the two (chocolate on one, vanilla on … Read more

Coolest Bowling Shirt Cake

Homemade Bowling Shirt Cake

We had a bowling party for my son’s 5th birthday. I was so excited when I found fun plates shaped like bowling shirts so I decided to make a cake that matched. The day before I made the cake, I rolled red fondant (from a package) flat in cornstarch and cut out what looked like … Read more

Coolest Bowling Ball 3D Cake

Homemade Bowling Ball 3D Cake

This Bowling Ball 3D Cake was a half sheet cake and we used a child’s bowl to make the 3D Ball on the cake. This is the best 3D Cake we have made yet.

Coolest Homemade Bowling Sports Theme Cakes 10

This cake was for my sons bowling party. Triple layer 10-inch square cake with the Wilton sports ball pan for the bowling ball and the pins are sugar cookies with royal icing. The whole cake is iced in buttercream. It was a big hit at the party.

Cool Homemade Bowling Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

Homemade Bowling Birthday Cake

I made this Bowling Birthday Cake for a family friend who loves bowling and red velvet cake. I used a store bought cake mix and made homemade whipped cream cheese frosting I found online. I did run into some problems with the frosting not setting up like regular buttercream and with the fondant stars on … Read more