Coolest Dartboard Cake

Dartboard Cake

Well, thought this dartboard cake would be an easy one and how wrong I was! Made the cake which is chocolate layered into 3 with chocolate ganashe filling. Then I covered it with fondant icing. I then started to think about putting the dartboard on it. I eventually copied a picture of a dartboard from … Read more

Coolest Dartboard Birthday Cake

Homemade Dartboard Birthday Cake

I made this dartboard birthday cake for my cousin’s birthday. She is a huge dart player and absolutely loved it. I printed a picture of a dartboard and blew it so that it was slightly smaller than the 9″ round cake I made. I traced the image onto parchment paper and then traced that with … Read more

Coolest Darts Cake

Homemade Darts Cake

This homemade darts cake was made with two 13″ white cakes, stacked. I used white buttercream icing to frost. For the dartboard pieces, I found a pic of a dartboard on the internet, and used that for a guideline. I cut out pieces of fondant, and pieced them together. Not sure if the fondant shrunk, … Read more

Coolest Darts Birthday Cake

Homemade Darts Birthday Cake

I made this Darts Birthday Cake for my friend’s Dad. I used 8″ round cake tins. The cake is a vanilla sponge with strawberry and butter cream icing middle. I made all the character out of fondant while using Wilton’s gel icing colouring for the appropriate colours to dye the fondant. The darts board was … Read more

Cool Darts Cake

Amazing Cake Designs for a Homemade Darts Cake

This birthday cake was just a regular round double layer cake. It took so long to decorate. I just looked at a real dartboard and copied it onto the birthday cake. It was all drawn with icing. Then I finished off the dart birthday cake with a few mini plastic darts.