Cute Homemade Fishing Birthday Cake With a Shark

Homemade Fishing Birthday Cake

My son wanted a shark-theme party for his 7th birthday. My husband and I baked two 13X9 yellow cakes and cut out a square hole in one for the shark-infested “water.” We put the shark in a square plastic dish and poured blue Jell-O in around him and let it set. When the Jell-O was … Read more

Coolest Fishing Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Fishing Birthday Cake Idea

This Fishing Birthday Cake Idea is a French vanilla cake with white buttercream icing. The topper (the man and fish) was purchased at a local cake bakery. The water was made by mixing Wilton’s food coloring with piping gel. For the green the buttercream icing colored green with Wilton’s food coloring and tip #233 was … Read more

Easy Homemade Fishing Cake

Homemade Fishing Cake

This Fishing Cake is 2 11×15 cakes put together. I got candy rocks, and use brown sugar for sand. I had to level one cake so i used some of it to make a hill. The trees are an old Christmas tree limb. The cattails are Q-tips painted brown with kids water paint and some … Read more

Coolest Fishing Birthday Cake

Homemade Fishing Birthday Cake

Our friend’s son turned one recently, and they knew they wanted a cake but didn’t know what to have. They gave me an open palate so I chose a fishing theme, as his Dad and brother are mad about fishing. So for this Fishing Birthday Cake I baked two round chocolate mud cakes, one smaller … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fishing Birthday Cake for My Husband’s 65th

Fishing or Napping? Birthday Cake

The Fishing Birthday Cake was for my husband’s 65th birthday and I decided to depict two of his most favorite activities, fishing and napping. The bottom layer is his favorite spice/pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling, the cake was crumb coated with cream cheese icing then covered with marshmallow fondant tinted blue. I then tinted … Read more

Cute Homemade Fishing Scene Cake

Coolest Fishing Cake

My son wanted fishing equipment for his 12th birthday so I made him this Fishing Cake too. The cake is a chocolate sponge made in an 8 inch round tin. I sliced it in half and sandwiched it with jam and buttercream. I then coloured the remaining butterscream green and covered the top of the … Read more

Cool Homemade Fondant Fishing Birthday Cake

Homemade Fishing Birthday Cake

I made this Fishing Birthday Cake for my father in law. It was a 10 inch round chocolate cake with a filling of chocolate butter cream and vanilla butter cream to crumb coat the cake. I covered the whole cake in green fondant then added a layer of blue to create the water. I made … Read more

Coolest Fishing in a Boat Cake

Homemade Fishing in a Boat Cake

This man fishing in a boat birthday cake was really fun to make. I used a 10″ cake tin and this too was doubled up to be able to fill with homemade butter cream and strawberry jam. It was left in the fridge and straightened all the sides to look perfect (hopefully). The cake itself … Read more