Coolest Golf Bag Cake

Golf Bag Cake

This golf bag cake was made using the Wilton Golf Bag Pan. It just came out this year and I’ve been waiting for a good reason to use it! Everything is edible. The “leather” trim, golf tees, pencil, club cover, zippers, and the tag were all made from fondant. To get the silver look on … Read more

Coolest Golf Cake

Homemade Golf Cake

I made this golf cake for my husband’s 30th birthday party. I first started by frosting the whole cake with light green icing. Then with a tooth pick I traced the water, the sand pit and the green. I filled in the green with more light green icing and I filled in the water with … Read more

Coolest Homemade Golf Sports Cake Ideas 7

I got the idea for a sports cake from one of our friends who’s a professional cake maker. The cakes are round cakes cut in half and iced together. I purchased a grass welcome mat for decoration. The golf clubs are wooden dowels and fondant for the handle and ends. Once they were dried (approx … Read more

Sweet Homemade Golf Course Birthday Cake

Homemade Golf Course Birthday Cake

My mother-in-law and father-in-law are golf enthusiast and have birthdays one day apart. Their favorite cake is yellow with chocolate icing. I made them this Golf Course Birthday Cake for their birthday. I made one yellow box cake mix in 9 inch rounds, frosted it with canned chocolate frosting between the layers and just on … Read more

Coolest Golf Course Cake

Homemade Golf Course Cake

What you’ll need for this homemade golf course cake: * Box of cake mix * 13×9 pan * 2 c shredded coconut * Green food coloring (plenty) * 2- icing (light color- buttercream preferred) * Light brown sugar * Blue decorator’s gel * Red fruit roll up and pretzel stick (if you don’t have the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Golf Sports Cake Ideas 8

I used a square cake and cut the main bag to size. With the extra cake I cut out the two pockets and put them on the side of the cake using some frosting to stick them in place. I then frosted the whole cake with the icing so that the fondant icing would stick … Read more

Coolest Homemade 3 Tiered Golf Cake

Homemade Golf Cake

This golf cake was made for the “1st Annual DVC Birthday Open”, a golf birthday for three 12 year old boys, Daniel, Vinny, and Caleb. They were giving out baseball caps for party favors with the tournament name and date. The cake was 3 layers, all three frosted with light green icing. The bottom layer … Read more

Cool Homemade Golf Birthday Cake

Homemade Golf Birthday Cake

I made this Golf Birthday Cake for my golf mad hubbie. It is all chocolate with chocolate ganash filling. The grass is made with meringue butting icing and the ball is covered in fondant icing and the tees are made from fondant icing too. He was 41 and was very pleased.

Coolest Homemade Golf Sports Cake Ideas 9

For this sports cake I made a two layer 1/2 sheet cake made from a basic pound cake recipe, and Chocolate chip recipe. I filled the middle with butter cream icing. I then iced the top in green butter cream icing; crushed shortbread cookies to make the sand pit and blue icing to make the … Read more

Cool Homemade Golf Themed Cake

Homemade Golf Themed Cake

I wanted to do an original cake for my brother in law’s 55th birthday. As he was a massive golf fan I decided on a golf bag. Looking through the golf bag pictures nothing was inspiring me, so I decided to go for a different idea and made this golf themed cake. I started off … Read more

Coolest Golf Course Birthday Cake

Homemade Golf Course Birthday Cake

Our sporty uncle celebrated his 75th and since he loves golf, my sister and I decided on a Homemade Golf Course Birthday Cake after much inspiration from the Coolest Birthday cakes website! With some help from my husband, a downloaded picture of TPC Sawgrass Hole 17 in Florida was the basis of the design. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Golf Sports Cake Ideas 10

I made this sports cake for my Dads birthday this year. He is a golf nut so I thought this would be fun. I got the basic idea out of a book and made it my own by adding a different tee and grass. It was made of two 8” chocolate cakes covered with chocolate … Read more