Coolest Karate Birthday Cake 2

Homemade  Karate Birthday Cake

The quickest and easiest cake I have ever baked and decorated- it was a big hit at his party! My son Davey was a Ninja for Halloween 2009- when he turned 7 January 2010 Davey had just earned his yellow belt so I decided to do a Karate Birthday Cake for his birthday. I used … Read more

Coolest Blackbelt Birthday Cake

Homemade Blackbelt Birthday Cake

I made this Blackbelt Birthday Cake for our Taekwondo Instructor’s Birthday. I used 2 1/4 sheet cakes, using one for the body and another cut lengthwise for the sleeves. I “glued” them together with homemade buttercream frosting then covered with one piece of homemade white fondant. I made the belt out of black fondant. I … Read more

Cool Homemade UFC Birthday Cake Design

Homemade UFC Birthday Cake Design

For this UFC Birthday Cake Design, I stacked two round cakes with a buttercream filling. I shaped them into an octagon using a cake knife I started with chocolate frosting and used black food gel. If you start with a chocolate frosting rather than a vanilla, then it’s not as hard to get it dark … Read more

Coolest UFC Birthday Cake Design

Homemade UFC Birthday Cake Design

My husband is a huge UFC fan so I decided to make him this UFC Birthday Cake Design for his birthday. I made it using 2 9″ square cake pans. A few days ahead of time I made the UFC writing using the color flow technique and then dying it red. I covered the first … Read more

Coolest UFC Octagon Cake

Homemade UFC Octagon Cake

I made this UFC Octagon cake for my boyfriend’s 27th birthday. He is an MMA fanatic and I bought us tickets for an MMA event to mark his aging. I thought a UFC cake would be a fantastic sidekick. I know absolutely nothing about baking or decorating but, stupidly, I did not let that worry … Read more

Coolest Martial Arts Birthday Cake

Coolest Martial Arts Decorated Birthday Cake Ideas

My son wanted to have a Tae Kwon Do birthday party and you can’t believe how hard it was to find a martial art image for the cake. I searched for kids birthday cakes but eventually I found this on a kid’s drawing card and scanned it and enlarged it. I use a projector to … Read more