Let’s Ride Dirt Bike Track Cake

Let's Ride Dirt Bike Track Cake

This dirt bike track cake was made for my grandson’s 13th birthday. Dirt Bike Track Cake Instructions This cake is a white cake, baked in a 12×17 inch cake pan. It took as much cake batter as when you bake four 9×13 cakes. The cake is iced in homemade buttercream frosting. For the jump, I … Read more

Dirt Bike Helmet Cake

Dirt Bike Helmet Cake

I absolutely love baking and decorating cakes…especially for my family members! In my family, I make everyone’s cakes for their birthdays and special events. Every year my nieces, nephews, and cousins think long and hard about what kind of cake they would like and send me pictures, drawings, and ideas. This cake is one of … Read more

Coolest Dirt Bike Cake for your Little Rider

Coolest Dirt Bike Cake for your Little Rider

I made this dirt bike cake for my 11 year old grandson. It all started with a vision, a drawing (I figured if I could draw it, I could bake it) and a big “You can’t do that” from my husband. Of course my answer to that was “oh yes I can, it’s for my … Read more

Coolest Dirt Bike Cake

Coolest Dirt Bike Cake

This Dirt Bike cake was really pretty easy! Just a bunch of cake mounded into a landing, rice crisp take off and a toy dirt bike held up by a coat hanger. The cake was white with butter cream frosting. I put Cocoa Krispies and Oreo’s in a food processor to make the “dirt”. Then just pressed it into a … Read more

Cool Homemade Motocross Cake

Homemade Motocross Cake

This Motocross cake was made for a friend of our’s who loves to ride dirt bikes; since I also love riding I really enjoyed making this cake! I started off making a 2 layer 1/2 sheet cake and just used a white base frosting. I also baked a loaf cake which I carved the jumps, … Read more

Cool Homemade Motocross Birthday Cake

Homemade Motocross Birthday Cake

I made this Motocross Birthday Cake for my step son’s 4th birthday. I used a 9×13 chocolate sheet cake for the bottom and used cupcakes cut in half to make the jumps. The ramp is just cupcakes piled up and cut down. The platform is actually just a box covered in icing, but you could … Read more

Coolest Mud Mountain Moto Cross Cake

Homemade Mud Mountain Moto Cross Cake

This Mud Mountain Moto Cross Cake was a treat to make for my son’s 6th birthday. My frosting was a bit dry but we made due. Maybe it added to the mountainous terrain look. Whenever I make cakes for the kids it’s always a bonus with the trinkets the go on top the cake. Extra … Read more

Coolest Motorcross Dirt Bike Track Cake

Homemade  Motorcross Dirt Bike Track Cake

This Motorcross Dirt Bike Track Cake was for my 3-year-old son that loves “mo-mo’s.” It was very difficult to find motorcross birthday supplies so when I saw this cake in family fun magazine, I knew I had to do it. This cake was made using 3 round cake pans. You cut them and stack them … Read more

Coolest Motorcross 7th Birthday Cake

Homemade  Motorcross 7th Birthday Cake

I made this Motorcross 7th birthday cake for my son’s birthday. He loves his motorbike and he had just got a new one for his birthday. I made the cake in a rectangle tin, then cut out the number seven and used the remaining cake to create the ramp. I iced the cake with white … Read more

Coolest Motocross Stunt Bike Cake

Homemade Motocross Stunt Bike Cake

My little boy decided that for his 5th birthday cake, he wanted a ‘Redbull X-Fighters’ style birthday cake. This wasn’t something I was hugely familiar with, so I got some inspiration from various websites and compiled the things I did and didn’t like from other motocross style cakes. In order to keep it from looking … Read more

Coolest Motocross Cake

Homemade Motocross Cake

I made 2 cakes made in jelly roll pans frosted in the middle. Then for the ramp, I used rice krispie treats. I made chocolate butter cream frosting. For the finish line, I found a picture of the real monster finish line and edited it in my Photoshop and printed it out. I took 2 … Read more

Cool Supercross Cake

Creative Birthday Cakes for a Motorcycle Theme

I wanted to make a motocross cake for my husband’s birthday. He always likes creative birthday cakes so made him this one. This cake was really easy. I made half a sheet cake and iced it with white icing. I then sprayed the green on it. I mapped out a track on paper and then … Read more