Dolphin’s vs Panthers Football Cake

This Dolphin’s vs Panthers Football cake was made for some well deserved parents baby shower, for their baby boy. Both parents are die hard football fans, but for opposing teams. Football field was a 11×14 sheet cake filled and the football was a strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting filling.  To complete the cake a gum … Read more

Coolest Cricket Pitch Cake

I was a bit pressed for time for this cricket pitch cake as it turned out to be a surprise for my twelve year old. I baked two round cakes and layered them. I then decorated with butter icing. I used chocolate log biscuits for fence and stumps. The chocolate variety for the fence was … Read more

Cool Dirty Gym Socks Birthday Cake

Cool Dirty Gym Socks Birthday Cake

When asked to make a birthday cake for my friend’s 10 year old boy, I was so scared!! Having two young girls, and only older nephews, I had to scramble for ideas. I was clicking through photos on my friend’s Facebook page, and alas! The boy plays basketball!  We got a Basketball Jones!! ha ha . First … Read more

Coolest Mountain Birthday Cake

A friend of mine is going to face an extremely tough challenge in September 2013. She is going to climb the Kilimanjaro mountain in order to raise funds for charity. It’s a really noble cause so I wanted to make her a special cake for her 30th birthday. I baked 5 round cakes and all … Read more

Awesome Tennis Cake for Three Boys

This awesome tennis cake was made for three boys, all brothers, whom all play tennis. They are all top of their tennis league and will be ones to watch out for when they get a bit older. How neat for them, to share their birthday together. The cake was my favorite .. chocolate mud cake. This one is made … Read more

Cool Baseball Cap Cake

Cool Baseball Cap Cake

This Baseball Cap cake is the cake I ended up with after a crazy, collapsing disaster of a cake to start with.  At the last minute, one of my good friends needed a cake for her father’s surprise 74th birthday party.  She had lots of people coming and forgot to place an order for a cake. … Read more

Baseball Cap Cake for my Granddaughter who Lives for Street Dancing

Baseball Cap Cake for my Granddaughter who Lives for Street Dancing

My granddaughter is totally hooked on Street Dancing, she enters competitions through out the year, part of her dance outfit is a baseball cap. In December 2012, I took a 4 hour cake decorating course in which I decorated a Christmas Cake. I must admit it did come out really well. Now my family think I am an … Read more

Coolest Fishing Nightmare Cake for Dad

This fishing nightmare cake was created for my father; he came up from Florida to visit. My sister asked me to make a cake with a fishing theme. He loves to go out fishing with his brothers. It was a last minute cake for me, originally it was supposed to be a boat and a … Read more

Coolest Ice Fishing Cake with REAL Fish!

This fishing cake is two separate cakes. The back cake is the cake to be eaten. Tip-ups are hand made, and so is the ice augar  There are holes and tip-ups for each hole. The center piece is a statue keepsake. The front cake had a container of real minnows in it posed as an ice fishing hole with fish … Read more

Coolest Homemade Football Helmet Cake

Homemade Football Helmet Cake

A co-worker asked my wife if I could make a Steelers Homemade Football Helmet Cake for her son’s birthday. My wife said “Probably, he never made one before”. I agreed to try it. I borrowed a real helmet from the football coach. Took a bunch of pictures and then made 3/4 size printouts as a … Read more

Awesome Homemade Baseball Field Birthday Cake

Homemade  Baseball Field Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Homemade Baseball Field Birthday Cake and this is where my imagination took it. I’ve made cakes in the past for my two sons and somehow I always try to incorporate lighting or noise effects. This one for example has functioning stadium lights and a lit up score board. It’s a white … Read more

Awesome Tiered Homemade Baseball Cake with Fondant Details

Homemade Baseball Cake

This is a Baseball Cake for a Little League end of the season party. Each tier is one layer of vanilla and one layer of chocolate with a vanilla buttercream frosting. All decorations are fondant or gumpaste. The best part was that the baseballs around the bottom tier had each player’s name and number and … Read more