Coolest Tennis Cake

Tennis Cake

I made this tennis cake to take to and share with my friends at the tennis ranch in New Braunfels. I am, after all, a repeat participant at this awesome tennis ranch. So I thought, why not bring an awesome cake to share and, who knows, I may get orders. It was definitely a hit; … Read more

Coolest Goldy Gopher Cake

Homemade Goldy Gopher Cake

My 3 year old nephew wanted a homemade Goldy Gopher cake. The images I found of Goldy were a little detailed and not anything I wanted to attempt to transfer to a cake at the time (8 months pregnant). Instead I used a #16 tip to draw the Minnesota “M” on the cake, I then … Read more

Coolest Volleyball Birthday Cake

Homemade Volleyball Birthday Cake

I made this volleyball birthday cake for a friend who loves volleyball. It it only my third cake so not perfect by any means. Here’s how I did it. First by baking the cake( boxed) in a oven safe bowl, I turned the heat down slightly so that it would cook more evenly. I then … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Ring Cake

WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

First I made a rectangle cake for this wrestling ring cake. I cut off the sides of the cake to make it square. The pieces I cut off I used as the bleachers. I made little people out of toothpicks and used marshmallows for the heads and I cut shirts out of construction paper. I … Read more

Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

Homemade WWE Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade WWE Birthday Cake for my son’s 13th birthday, it was a huge hit at the party! This was my second attempt to do a fondant cake, and I was very pleased. I used two nine inch square cake pans and 1 boxed cake mix. After applying my buttercream crumb coating I … Read more