Coolest Tennis Court Birthday Cake

Homemade Tennis Court Cake

My hubby loves and plays tennis. So, for his 37th birthday, I wanted to create a special design for his birthday cake. I came up with the idea of a tennis court cake. But, I found difficulty in finding a tennis player doll, but I found the net. Then I bought a pair of tennis … Read more

Coolest Clemson Birthday Cake

Homemade Clemson Birthday Cake

I made this Clemson Birthday Cake for my cousin’s boyfriend’s birthday. He loves Clemson. We live in SC! I made 2 square 9 in. cakes. Then stacked and iced them with chocolate buttercream. I used a picture and taped it to the counter and taped wax paper on top. I then traced the football image … Read more

Coolest Wrestling Belt Cake

Cena Wrestling Belt Cake

My nephew loves WWE Wrestling & wanted the Cena belt for his 7th birthday as his cake. I found a lot of beautiful wrestling belt cakes online for ideas, only problem is they always seem to have fondant rubber…I mean frosting. My whole family hates fondant. I think for a cake like this it would … Read more

Coolest WWE Cake

Homemade WWE Cake

This was a cake I made for a customer. It was a double vanilla bean sponge. Made the vanilla cake and sandwiched it with a filling of fluffy white American frosting and smooth raspberry Jam. Mixing with an electric beater to add lots of air, sifting all the dry ingredients to add in more air … Read more