Coolest Soccer Birthday Cake

Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake

This Soccer Birthday Cake was made for my cousin Melissa Rebolledo’s husband Arnulfo’s 49th birthday. One 11 x 15 lemon sheet cake cut in half and one 11 x 15 marble sheet cake cut in half and then each flavor was stacked to end up with 1/2 cake of lemon and 1/2 cake of marble. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake Recipes 10

I used a round sports ball cake pan to give the soccer ball its shape. I baked cupcakes in the opposite flavor of the cake and spelled out my sons name. I placed this all on a round cake plate and used Wilton icing tip 67 to make grass swirls. I then threw some gummy … Read more

Cool Homemade Football/Soccer Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Football Birthday Cake Design

I made this Football Birthday Cake Design by baking 2 sponges in pudding bowls for the acquired football shape. I baked the sponges in clingfilm inside the pudding bowls, and placed the bowls in water to save the ceramic pudding bowls from cracking during baking. Once cooled, I then made sure each sponge pudding was … Read more

Coolest Soccerball Birthday Cake

Homemade Soccerball Birthday Cake

This is my soccer ball birthday cake. The ball is made of chocolate cake and field is vanilla cake. I enjoyed making the cake. Most of the work was on the ball putting the stars on it and then putting the ball on the field. The kids loved the cake and couldn’t stop looking at … Read more

Coolest England World Cup Cake

Homemade England World Cup Cake

This was a cake I made for a local charity. It was a vanilla bean sponge. Made the vanilla cake and sandwiched it with a filling of fluffy white American frosting and smooth raspberry Jam. Mixing with an electric beater to add lots of air, sifting all the dry ingredients to add in more air … Read more

Coolest Man Utd Shirt Birthday Cake

Homemade Man Utd Shirt Birthday Cake

My friend’s brother was turning 13 and is a big Man Utd fan so he asked me to make a football shirt cake. Here is how I made this Man Utd Shirt Birthday Cake. I made a rectangle chocolate cake and filled it with chocolate butter cream. Then I made two small rectangle cakes in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake Recipes 11

Instead of the usual black and white football (soccer ball), I decided to make it the American Flag colors. For the ball I used a ball pan, and marked the details accordingly using given instructions. After drawing’ the lines using white butter cream, I dotted the areas, which were to be blue and red to … Read more

Coolest Homemade UK Football Cake Using the Wilton Soccer Pan

Football Cake

This football cake was for my son. He is a goalkeeper and he always forgets to tie his shoes. The big cake is filled with mascarpone and cherries and decorated with fondant. The football is baked in a Wilton pan and covered with fondant. I painted some parts gold. It’s filled with ,(I don’t know … Read more

Cool Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake Design

I was looking to do something different for the boy’s 17th birthday cake but he insisted on a Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake Design….again. What should I have expected as he lives and breathes the game? We were having family over and they have varying preferences so I baked a yellow sheet cake for the base. … Read more

Coolest Soccer Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake Idea

I started making cakes about 7 months ago. I have never taken a class of any kind and have learned by doing. This was a soccer birthday cake idea for my nephew. This was only my second time working with fondant so it isn’t perfect but I was happy with the turn out. I used … Read more

Coolest Manchester United Cake

Homemade  Manchester United Cake

I baked this Manchester United Cake for a friend of mine for her grandson, his favorite football team is Man Utd. I started by making the football badge. I printed the picture off the net as a template. I used ½ flower paste ½ fondant and cut out the shape of the badge. This was … Read more

Coolest Homemade Soccer Cake Ideas 0

For the bottom layer I used a regular sheet cake pan (it was a 9X13). For the soccer ball I used a Pyrex bowl filled about a third of the way. To assemble I frosted the entire slab cake with white icing (skim coat) then placed the “soccer ball” on the right side of the … Read more

Coolest Chelsea Football Cake

Homemade Chelsea Football Cake

I baked a chocolate cake in an 8 x 12 inch tin for this Chelsea football cake. I covered it in white fondant icing. I made the rosette using blue icing. Cut out 2 sizes of garrett frill, frill the edges and place the smaller on top of the biggest one. Cut out a circle … Read more

Coolest Soccer Birthday Cake

Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake

I made this Soccer Birthday Cake for my grandson’s 13th birthday. The cake is a three tier Topsy Turvy with a soccer ball cake as the top layer. Top and bottom are chocolate and center tier is vanilla. I covered the cake in MM fondant. I made the MU logo by printing it from the … Read more

Coolest Soccer Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake Design

I’ve always liked decorating cakes, so when my best friend asked me to make her son’s 5th birthday cake, I jumped to the opportunity. He had just recently joined soccer so when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted generally he said “A SOCCER CAKE”! I found this website for inspiration and then … Read more

Coolest Soccer Ball Cupcake Cake

Homemade Soccer Ball Cupcake Cake

I had two challenges when making my son a Soccer Ball Cupcake Cake: I’m not great with icing, and a few party guests had food allergies. So I made a cupcake soccer cake. Some of the cupcakes and their icing are safe for those kids, but they don’t look any different than the other cupcakes, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Soccer Cake Ideas 1

My son wanted a soccer party for his sixth birthday and I wanted to create something hed really like. Besides all my friends already know how crazy I can go with making my own cakes. I was initially going to make the plain Wilton soccer ball cake but it’s rather small and I came up … Read more

Coolest 18th Football Birthday Cake

Homemade 18th Football Birthday Cake

I made the 18th Football Birthday Cake for my nephew’s birthday. He is a big Sheffield Wednesday fan but has just been signed for Sheffield United, hence the Sheffield Wednesday scarf and the Sheffield United player on top. The cake was made in 2 halves, I used a Wilton football cake mould. As the cake … Read more

Coolest Soccer Ball Birthday Cake

Homemade Soccer Ball Birthday Cake

I loved this soccer ball birthday cake because it was such a talent, and I was honestly nervous about how it would turn out. It was made for a little boy turning 12, I incorporated his soccer number and colors into the cake. I made two rectangular confetti cakes, and filled them vanilla mousse, and … Read more

Coolest Soccer Goal Cake

Homemade Soccer Goal Cake

My son turned 5 and wanted a soccer party. I got the idea for this Homemade Soccer Goal Cake from this website (thank you) and worked with icing for the first time, which was quite adventurous! For the base, I baked 2 rectangular vanilla sponges and filled them with “dulce de leche”, an Argentinean kind … Read more

Coolest Soccer Ball Cake

Homemade Soccer Ball Cake

I started this Soccer Ball Cake with 3 10 inch white cakes that I trimmed and frosted in butter cream frosting. Then I took rice crispie treats and made a ball. Next I frosted the ball. I then took white and black rolled fondant and cut out the pentagons and the hexagons and placed then … Read more

Coolest Homemade Soccer Cake Ideas 2

I got the idea for this soccer cake from your wonderful website. My son wanted a sports theme party so I looked at a few cakes and loved your soccer balls. Where I live you dont get ready made frosting/fondant etc so I made everything from scratch. I made the cupcakes because the ball would … Read more

Coolest Spurs Football Cake

Homemade Spurs Football Cake

I started by baking a 10inch square sponge cake, this was then left to go completely cool. I then split in half lengthways and spread one half with jam and the other with butter cream and sandwiched them together. I placed a blob of butter cream onto the cake board to attach the cake to … Read more

Coolest Soccer Birthday Cake

Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake

This Soccer Birthday Cake was made for an 18yr that loved to play soccer and was from Haven (that’s where I got the colors for the soccer ball). This cake is a sheet cake made to look like a soccer goal on a field. The soccer ball was made separate from the Wilton soccer pan … Read more