7 Cool Superheroes Cakes

Coolest Superman Cake

Mix some batter, add some imagination and Shazam!… 7 cool superheroes cakes. Save the day for someone you love by recreating one of these incredible designs. Then, serve them proudly with a SPOOOOOON! Who knows what evil lurks in the calories, but Flame On! 1. Undercover Superman Cake Great Caesar’s ghost! It’s a bird, it’s … Read more

20 Cool Football Birthday Cakes

Whether celebrating a birthday, an office event, a winning of a game or a baby shower, Football Cakes are a great favorite amongst lovers of the game. I am sure if you surprised your husband or son or even your football loving daughter with Football Cakes they would adore you. Also, Football and food always … Read more

15 Cool Sesame Street Birthday Cakes

Sesame Street Cake Collage

Sesame Street has been one of the most popular TV shows for years and these fuzzy, awesome characters are not going anywhere anytime soon. Take a look at these awesome Sesame Street Cakes and find inspiration for making your own. 1. Cool Oscar Cake and Friends Beth from Novi, MI continued her mom’s tradition of … Read more

15 Cool Minnie Mouse Birthday Cakes

Coolest Minnie Mouse Cakes

If you are looking to make your daughters birthday party extra special, treat her with a Minnie Mouse themed Birthday Cake, because what girl doesn’t love the famous pink, polka dotted girlfriend of Mickey Mouse? 1. 1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Cake Leticia was asked to create a Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake for a one year … Read more

12 Cool Beach Birthday Cake Ideas

Chillin' At The Beach Birthday Cake

Sand, sun, surf – summer! There is no better way to spend the summer than by the sea! And to make it even more special, why not create a Beach Birthday Cake for your beach celebrations? 1. Chillin’ At The Beach Birthday Cake I made this Beach Birthday Cake for my cousin. Her 50th birthday … Read more