Chevron Modern Bridal Shower Cake

I was asked to make the cake for a friend’s bridal shower and the look was completely up to me.  All I was told was that the colors to incorporate were gun metal grey and coral and that she loved the Chevron pattern.  The idea of incorporating that pattern onto a cake petrified me but I was up for the challenge.  The cake itself was three 8″ layers on the bottom and two 6″ layers on top, all Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting (the bride to be’s favorite!).

I crumb coated the layers and covered them in homemade marshmallow fondant.  The flowers were fun!  It was my first time working with gum paste and it took some getting used to but I got the hang of it after the first flower.  It was time for the Chevron…scary!  My solution was to roll out a very long piece of grey fondant and cut the pattern out with an exacto knife. Prior to this I printed out the Chevron pattern I liked and taped together the same pattern until I had a long enough piece to go around the circumference of the cake.

I first took a long sheet of wax paper and spread a thin layer of Crisco.  Then I laid my rolled fondant on top of that. I then greased the my pattern and laid it over the fondant and then traced the chevron out of it. I painted a light layer of water on the cut chevron fondant.  After I peeled away the excess fondant, I picked up the entire piece of wax paper (with the help of a friend) and wrapped it around the cake.  This was the most challenging part as once the grey fondant touched the white, it was difficult to move because it left a grey residue. I was able to do some shifting to make it as symmetrical as possible but even after that it wasn’t exactly perfect!  I was able to cover the seam where the pieces connected with the flowers so it worked perfectly!

There are lots of different ideas on applying Chevron to a cake…this is just one of them but I may try another and compare it!