Choccywoccydoodah Inspired Lovebirds Wedding Cake

I was asked by the bride to design her wedding cake in the style of Choccywoccydoodah, I love doing cakes in this shape and style.

The cake is in baby blue, with alternate layers of plain and embossed fondant wrapped around the cake, handmade flowers and roses decorate the cake and 2 beautiful lovebirds are holding the banner with the bride and grooms name on it. In side there are 3 layers of cake, one violet, one lemon and poppy seed and one rose and vanilla to match the pastel colors of the cake.

I loved doing this cake, you lose yourself in the creativity and romance of it all ahhh! I caused a stir with passers by when delivering the cake to the venue, people were crowding around to have a look as they hadn’t seen a cake like it before!

The bride was very happy with her cake and I was honored to make it for her and add to the special day.